d be two fission-class people making a surprise attack.

d be two fission-class people making a surprise attack.
Fission is not a big deal, even the entire Olga star system only has less than a hundred.
And here, there are actually two…
There are tens of billions of people in the Olga galaxy, and there are less than a hundred top experts in total. Actually…
“Spiritual magic·instinct detonation!”
Although the sneak attack was successful, But Catri had experienced many battles, so naturally he would not be killed so easily.
Although his total amount of psychic energy during fission is not much. But in mastering and using spiritual arts, he is considered the best among his peers.
The moment the opponent succeeded, a ball of dark blue psychic light exploded between the three of them.
“Spiritual Technique: Lock of Semaphore!”
“Ten times!!!”
Gritting his teeth, Catri exploded all his last spiritual energy and released the most powerful sealing spiritual technique.
And he used his unique psychic talent, the tenfold power bonus!
In an instant, tens of thousands of dark blue chains exploded and spread from his body.
In the blink of an eye, those two people were wrapped in it.
“Evacuate!” Katri shouted, turned around and flew towards the spacecraft.
boom! !
At this moment, the spacecraft actually broke and exploded from the middle.
Dark red spaceships shuttled out from behind, constantly sending out dense torpedo-like missiles that landed on the spacecraft.
Continuous fire explosions continued to explode on the spacecraft.
“Damn it!!” Carter looked extremely ugly.
At this time, the other reproductive bodies around him were also entangled by the reproductive bodies flying from unknown directions, and they started fighting one after another.
/There were not many enemies, half as many as them.
But the opponent’s strength is very elite!
It was basically a one-on-one fight against Carter’s subordinates.
There are even several great knights of Kenosus among them!
At this time, the two clones had already rushed out from the chain.
“Wei He, split up and retreat. They are coming for me. I will contain them. You go and ask for help!!” He immediately made a decision.
Wei He turned around and left without saying a word, knowing that he was holding him back.
When he drives a clone, he can’t beat even Catri. He’s far behind. Now even Catri is no match for him. He’ll be abused when he goes up, but he can’t unleash his true strength.
Therefore, the key is to leave and call for help as soon as possible at this time.
“Come on! Scumbags!!” Catri’s eyes flashed with blue light, and she suddenly pressed a location in her body with her spiritual energy.
‘The extinction mode is on… Please turn off the mode within ten minutes, otherwise the energy furnace will self-destruct. ‘An electronic sound sounded.
He rushed straight towards a dark red plant, pulling out a long blue flame behind him.
As a fission, who doesn’t have a few desperate cards?
Swish! !
Suddenly Catri’s eyes flashed red.
The two fission clones that were