e for Klein to find it even using the “Spirit Thread”.

“Psychological invisibility”!
Hvin Rambis planned to take advantage of his psychological blind spots and hide in the dark. While continuing to use range-based extraordinary abilities such as “Mind Deprivation” and “Psychic Storm”, he gradually weakened Gehrman Sparrow’s mental barrier after being promoted by an angel. The sealed object attempts to attack.
——As a demigod of the “Spectator” path, although the dragon is very strong in melee combat, it still lacks the necessary extraordinary ability to have strong offensive power, which must be made up for by certain sealed objects.
At this moment, an illusory book appeared in front of Gehrman Sparrow, who did not know whether it was a marionette or his true form, and a vague voice sounded around him:
“I come, I see, I record.”
What Klein wants to use is the “Lightning Storm” recorded by the “Recorder” in “Creeping Hunger”!
For things like “psychological invisibility”, a direct full-range coverage saturation attack can solve it!
It has to be said that the “Storm” path is a pretty good choice when dealing with Extraordinaries of a similar style.
/Bolts of lightning fell from mid-air, causing all areas illuminated by the huge red moon to be covered by a silver-white “forest”.
The lightning jumped and swept across, and the aura of destruction swept across, not sparing any corner.
The giant gray-white dragon with a human-shaped head stood out again. There were small electric snakes scurrying around on the stone-like scales on the body, and there were some less obvious cracks.
Hvin Rambis’s “psychological invisibility” cannot be maintained at all under such a covering attack. After all, he will still interact with the surroundings, but his sense of existence is eliminated and he is in the blind spot of attention. Once that interaction becomes stronger , he will inevitably be exposed.
As soon as he emerged, the “lightning storm” calmed down a lot, and Gehrman Sparrow’s body on the roof blurred for an instant, flashing diagonally below the incomplete dragon.
Immediately afterwards, the glove worn on the left palm of the crazy adventurer highlighted fine black particles, which were deep and dark.
His mouth then opened, spitting out demonic words full of filth and depravity:
Hvin Rambis knew that the other party was using “Creeping Hunger” and understood the true level of this item. He only felt funny about Gehrman Sparrow’s attack and immediately raised the ice blue one held by his left front paw. Use the colored metal cylinder to aim it at the enemy below.
This is a sealed object of unknown origin, called the “Rotten Meteor”. Hvin Rambis obtained it from a certain being, but it is only clear that part of the material came from the starry sky.
This ice blue metal cylinder can fire strange dark green projectiles. Anyone hit by them will be instantly poisoned and start to rot. Even the spirit body will not be spared. It is also effective against demigods.
Its negative effect is that the hold