shed it back to several library administrators, took out the portrait, and asked them if they had seen the target. Unfortunately, there are many borrowers who come here every day, and the administrators It’s hard to make an impression on people who don’t have any obvious characteristics.

“Okay, please excuse me.” Klein put away his ID and badge.
He had no intention of investigating it alone. It was not only dangerous, but also tedious. He planned to go to Zotland Street again and leave the next steps to the captain and teammates while he went home to make tomatoes for his brother and sister. Oxtail soup, by the way, use the mysterious space above the gray fog to divine the target’s condition and whereabouts.
“Officer, is there nothing else?” an administrator asked sincerely, relieved.
Klein nodded slightly and said:
“No more. If new clues emerge, I will come again.”
He held the black silver-encrusted cane in his left hand and walked quickly to the door.
Just then, he saw a man wearing a black double-breasted tuxedo with his collar turned up come in with his head lowered.
The moment the two sides passed each other, Klein glanced at the other person’s thick and messy eyebrows and a pair of gray-blue eyes.
These are the parts that a high collar cannot cover
Sirius, Sirius, Arepis, such a coincidence. Klein was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that he would meet the target directly.
What is this luck?
This is too much of a coincidence, right?
He measured himself and felt the soreness in his muscles, so he pretended that nothing happened and continued to walk towards the door.
/Well, as a human being, you have to follow the wishes of your heart and be steady and responsible.
As long as Sirius has not left Tingen, this miss will not matter.
At this time, a man wearing a black double-breasted dress walked up to the reception desk and handed the journal in his hand to one of the administrators.
“Return it.” He lowered his voice and said vaguely.
The librarian casually took the journal, glanced at it, and was suddenly stunned.
He subconsciously looked up and looked across, and his body began to tremble uncontrollably.
“Is there a problem?” the man with his collar turned up asked in a deep voice.
His words were like the sparks that ignited a dynamite barrel, causing the administrator to lose control instantly. He ran to the side and shouted loudly:
“police officer”
“The criminal is here”
At this moment, Klein, who had not yet had time to go out, only had the words “fuck you” echoing crazily in his heart.
Instinctively he reached his right hand under his arm and took out the revolver.
The man was stunned for a moment, then turned around and started running.
However, he did not run towards the door, but ran towards the side bay window, as if he was going to break the glass and jump outside.
Klein, who was panicking, turned around and saw this scene, and his heart suddenly calmed down.
Because he found that although he was afraid of the target, the target was more afraid of himself
“In such a ha