h’ and are about to die.” Anderson half-turned his body and turned his gaze to the seaside that he couldn’t see at all. “Tracy’s application just now was a bit tricky. , it should have only maintained the disease in the frontal area, not caring about the other three directions, and then spread it with the help of wind, affecting people on the shore.”

Having said this, Anderson clapped his palms lightly and smiled again:
“Doesn’t our encounter prove that ‘Vice Admiral Disease’ is indeed on the ship? You can inform Gehrman Sparrow.”
… Daniz did not hesitate any longer and immediately arranged the ceremony and summoned the messenger, while Anderson walked out of the woods on the pretext of being prepared for accidents.
At around three o’clock in the morning, the East District of Backlund was completely dark except for the moonlight and starlight.
Klein was wearing cotton pajamas and a nightcap to protect his hair. He sat on the bed and received the letter from Renette Tinichole without asking anything.
After opening it, he got up calmly, took out the pen in his pocket, and wrote on the back of the letter:
/“Return to the port city and wait for further instructions.”
After watching the messenger lady leave, Klein calmly changed into his shirt, put on his vest, tied his bow tie, and put on a black windbreaker.
Then, he walked four steps backward and came to the top of the gray fog. He used the citrine pendulum to divine the danger of this operation and received almost no enlightenment.
Without any further hesitation, Klein returned to the real world, stood in front of the mirror, picked up the half-high silk hat, and put it on his head.
In the room outside, Secret Puppet Qonas and Secret Puppet Enuni opened their eyes on the bunk bed.
On the “Black Death”, in an empty room, a figure quickly sketched out. With black hair, brown eyes, and a cold outline, he looked like Gehrman Sparrow.
Under the dim crimson moonlight, Klein glanced around, found a chair and sat down, admiring the night view of the sea outside the window.
In the captain’s room one floor away from here, “Lieutenant Admiral Sickness” Tracy, wearing a white shirt and beige trousers, watched Baz exit the room with disgust. She pulled up her collar like a reflex, and her expression gradually became serious.
She just learned that “Fire” Daniz and the strongest hunter Anderson have been staying on Theros Island recently for unknown purposes.
They are all related to Gehrman Sparrow… Is that guy looking for me? Tracy narrowed her eyes and walked to the window without hesitation, preparing to instruct the sailors on the deck to steer the ship away from the sea.
At this moment, her thoughts suddenly froze, as if she had fallen into a state where she knew she was dreaming but could not get out of it no matter how hard she struggled.
No good… Balls of black flames suddenly appeared on Tracy’s body, trying to burn away any possible external influences.
However, those flames could still “flow” smoothly at first, but later they became intermittent, d