covered another difference:

The gentleman was looking around quickly.
There is nothing wrong with this kind of behavior. Anyone who comes to such a strange and secret place will definitely look at the other members subconsciously, trying to grasp their characteristics, grasp the general situation, and feel more at ease. But the problem is that Mr. My eyes move too fast
His eyes swept over the members of “The Moon”, “The Hanged Man” and others without stopping.
To Audrey, this was a very clear phenomenon, which meant that the gentleman was not observing the environment or members, but looking for people.
Find people with clear goals
“Justice” Audrey was a little excited for a moment. She believed that the new gentleman knew someone present.
Who could it be? She watched for a second more and found that the man’s eyes diagonally across the street were fixed on Gehrman Sparrow “The World”.
Audrey felt secretly happy as if she had discovered some secret, and thought suddenly:
“The new guy is friends with Mr. World, at least in the real world, and knows that he is a member of the Tarot Club.
“In other words, Mr. World introduced him to the party. This is unlikely. If this is the case, the new gentleman will be more confident in his heart and will not be so eager to find acquaintances. He will definitely pay more attention to other members. stay a while
“Furthermore, this performance also proves that he is not Mr. Fool’s favorite.
“What is his relationship with Mr. World?”
Audrey stood up with the idea of ??continuing to observe later and turned to the top of the long bronze table.
During this process, she seized the opportunity and naturally glanced at the new member next to Ms. Hermit.
She was looking at Miss Magician. Her height finally passed the test and she joined the party. Audrey recognized the other party’s identity. She lifted up her skirt with joy and saluted to the figure shrouded in gray mist:
“Good afternoon, Mr. Fool”
/Just as the brisk greetings ended, she discovered another problem:
Mr. “Fool” has undergone some subtle changes compared to before.
This great existence seems to be more harmonious and unified with the gray fog in the entire palace and space, and the aura becomes more profound and high, like the sea and the sky.
This feeling can be described in non-verbal terms as Mr. Fool’s further recovery and taking back more power in the Kingdom of God. Audrey’s eyes turned slightly, curious and joyful, with a touch of pride and pride.
At this time, “The Hanged Man” Alger and “The Hermit” Cattleya also saw two new members, and noticed that the lady was shorter and had a hidden interaction with Miss “Magician”, so they had no idea about the Tarot Party. It was unfamiliar yet familiar, at least not like the man in the white shirt and black vest. He didn’t stand up in a hurry until everyone started to salute.
In addition, they also felt that the new male members seemed to pay special attention to “World” Gehrman Sparrow, and they made many guesses out of thin air.
As for “Sun” Derrick,