mporarily borrowed from the active military, there must be no quality problems.

This will be the case from now on. I will coordinate and communicate with the Governor’s Mansion. With this food, filling the food gap in the upper territory should not be a big problem.
I will think of ways to purchase a batch of grain from outside later to increase the grain reserves in the territory. ”
Hudson said rather helplessly.
As a grain storage activist, I prepare millions of pounds of extra grain every time, but the result is still grain shortages every year.
These are all sequelae of rapid population growth. The growth rate of mouths to eat is much higher than the growth rate of the territory’s food production capacity.
With tens of thousands more mouths suddenly added, the pressure on the nobles in the county was reduced, but the pressure on the mountain leaders suddenly increased.
Especially in the early stage when the mining production capacity has not yet exploded and the territory’s expenditure is much higher than its income, this pressure becomes even greater.
However, as a conscientious noble lord, Hudson couldn’t do anything like substituting quality goods to harm the frontline troops.
We are all grasshoppers on the same rope. Essentially, the core of the Alpha Kingdom’s defense against the invasion of the orcs is – dragging tactics.
Wait until the human race countries react, and wait until the reinforcements from the mainland countries arrive, then it’s time to counterattack.
Before that, whether they were defending the city or taking the initiative to attack, the purpose was to slow down the attack speed of the orc army and buy time for the kingdom.
The longer the frontline army holds out, the later Hudson will be called up, the more time he will have to prepare, and the greater the probability of surviving on the battlefield.
This account is easy to calculate.
Of course, even if you want to pass it off as a good product, it’s difficult to get away with it.
The governor’s palace will inspect, the officials of the kingdom will inspect, and the generals on the front line will still inspect.
If problems are found in any link, they will be found out and held accountable.
According to the rules, every qualified weapon is engraved on it. The place of origin, the craftsman responsible for casting, the time of casting, and the person in charge of supervision are all available.
/To trace it, just follow the information marked on the weapon and trace it back to the source.
This is also a sign of distinguishing the quality of weapons in mountainous areas. In order to quickly make money for inferior goods produced, reducing production costs is the first priority, so the engraving link is naturally omitted.
As soon as a hint of red glow appeared on the horizon, Crown Prince Alex appeared in front of the orc army.
“Warriors of the Orc Empire, the human race betrayed their faith thousands of years ago and colluded with all the races on the mainland to seize our territory and kill our people through despicable