and this man was standing on the balcony. I rushed out so quickly, thinking that he had no place to escape. Sure enough, I heard the sound of the bathroom door at the end of the balcony being closed. When I tried to push the door, it was locked from the inside and couldn’t be pushed open at all.

There was no doubt that the person was inside. The space in the bathroom was limited. He locked himself inside. There was no way to escape. So I called Zhang Ziang immediately. Let him come over, and I only need to block the door so that he can’t come out, and I can catch a turtle in a jar.
In fact, if he forced himself to fight me, I might not be able to do it, after all, he could break into me like this. Most of them should be some extremely vicious people, just like Wang Longchuan. But he chose to avoid it. So there is only one reason for this, that is, he doesn’t want me to see his face, let alone let me know who he is.
After realizing this, I felt that I needed to do something before Zhang Ziang arrived, so I kicked the door open without hesitation. The bathroom door is made of different materials than the room door. It is not a security door, so it can be kicked open. I kicked the door open. When we were kicked open, I stood outside and did not rush in immediately. I went in to see how he would react, but after I waited outside for a long time, there seemed to be no movement inside. Then I became confused and approached slowly from a safe angle. But when I filled the bathroom with everyone, After looking around, I found that there was no one inside.
/no one? !
/I was a little dumbfounded at the time, this was simply impossible. Because I clearly heard the sound of someone running into the bathroom and closing the door, but now there is no one inside. Maybe it is haunted, but I don’t believe it, but I looked carefully and found that there is nothing there. The bathroom is only so big. There is only one shutter that cannot be opened in the space, and outside the shutter is a 12-story suspension. Not to mention that there were no signs of damage to the blinds. Even if he climbed out, there would be no support and he would just fall downstairs and die.
This thing suddenly became weird. I stood alone on the balcony and felt goosebumps all over my body. Although I said I didn’t believe in ghosts, I still felt suspicious and uncontrollably afraid. This was probably rooted in my heart. It’s something, besides, feudal superstition is not trustworthy, but I can’t help but believe in it, so that at such a time, I still have something to do with it.
I even began to feel that this figure was none other than Su Jingnan, who was killed by me.
And this feeling of something wrong gradually spread across the entire balcony. I didn’t know if I felt something or what. Anyway, I just stuck my head out of the balcony. I looked downstairs. There were only dim street lights downstairs. The roads in the community were illuminated in sections, and there was no one there. When I was looking at it, I suddenly heard someone calling