d” step by step

Time passed quickly. While running around “Admiral of Blood” Senior to avoid possible attacks from the Rose School demigod, Klein manipulated the “Spirit Thread” and gradually reached a state of initial control.
Three seconds, two seconds, one second
Senior’s thoughts were stagnant for a moment, and every part of his body seemed to be covered with rust.
/Klein had no energy left to use “Creeping Hunger” anymore, so he continued to deepen his control and wandered not slowly but not too fast.
No, we can’t continue like this. Senior’s thought flashed slowly, and a small transparent ice crystal arrow condensed in front of him.
It’s tinted with a hint of dark green, like a nod to the surrounding woods.
Klein, who had witnessed the opponent’s slow motion throughout, had already calmly retracted his left hand, took out Grossell’s Travels from his chest, and posed.
The small ice crystal arrow was finally shot out. It seemed to go straight to Klein’s chest, but it suddenly changed direction on the way and headed upward diagonally.
/This should have been an unusually sudden and fatal change, but Senior’s thoughts controlled by him slowed down a lot. The “order” was not received until the ice crystal arrow was about to reach Klein’s body. The change was not sufficient and was quite hasty. He was suppressed. Ryan moved Russell’s Travel Notes and blocked it easily.
Senor’s face seemed to turn a little paler. After thinking for several seconds, he slowly opened his mouth and tried to scream out the resentment.
Klein was well prepared and spoke first:
The air bullet shot out quickly and hit Senior’s mouth. His head fell back, his teeth fell out, and the scream died in his throat.
Seeing his control gradually deepening, Senior’s resistance being broken down time and time again, and even the madman-like outbursts that threatened to lose his sanity were interrupted, Klein felt a bit of joy in his heart.
At this moment, the shrill, sharp, and terrifying baby cry suddenly appeared, echoing in the woods.
Klein’s body was covered in knots, and the Grossell’s Travels in his hand fell to the ground with a clatter. His brain seemed to be pinched tightly by an invisible hand, and he briefly lost his sense of everything, including the “spiritual body thread.” ”, and Senior’s manipulated state was lifted.
A hundred meters away from them, the large black baby with swollen and wrinkled skin that looked like it had just come out of the water broke away from the illusion and returned to reality.
His limbs are thin and long, and there is only one irregular hole on his face, which is filled with white teeth and surrounds it completely.
At this moment, there were many obvious and deep wounds on Jacks’ body surface. They penetrated the black and swollen skin, allowing the rotten black-green liquid inside to leak out.
After the Rose School demigod emerged, he no longer evaded or escaped. He roared like crazy and made a sound like a baby crying, causing Klein and Senior to fall into a semi-conscious and