ad, she used her mental power to transmit the message:

“Xiao Bai, let’s attack together. Do we have a chance to take down that annoying guy on the opposite side?”
/They suffered a loss on the battlefield below. If they wanted to make a comeback in a short time, the best way was to directly capture the opponent’s coach.
Shaking its head, as if something terrible had happened, the unicorn holy beast turned around and ran away with Delise.
The young elf woman’s face turned red with anger, she hurriedly grabbed the silver horn and reprimanded sternly:
“What’s wrong with Xiaobai? I’m asking you a question. Why are you running around?”
“Stupid woman, whoever is running around, I am saving your life!”
“A giant dragon and a bear of the earth, who can you defeat?
Without looking at the opponent’s size, he clearly touched the beauty of the second level of the sanctuary. I feel like that dragon can hit both of us.
Before the unicorn could finish speaking, the elf woman slapped him down.
Other people’s unicorn holy beasts were pure and flawless, but hers looked like a gangster, and could often drive her almost to death.
“You little bastard, go back quickly, I still have to direct the battle!”
While reprimanding him, she immediately gave up her plan to capture the king. Hudson’s strength seems to be average, but the mount is really powerful.
If a fight breaks out, it’s not worth getting beaten.
As for the danger, Delise is not worried. Everyone is in the holy realm, and even if they can’t win, they won’t be defeated all at once.
The most he can do is hide in the army in a bit of embarrassment and wait for reinforcements to arrive.
“Delice, if you want to capture that pretty boy, there is actually no chance.
The young elf woman couldn’t bear it anymore and immediately got angry and said: “Shut up!
Seeing Delise’s anger, the one-horned holy beast showed a hint of pride in his eyes, wanting him to fight for his life – no way.
The unicorn holy beast clan has long been on the verge of extinction, and there may not be more than thirty survivors in the entire continent. As a genius beast that hopes to revive the race, it cannot take risks easily.
In the middle of the fight, the elf woman returned to the battlefield again and stunned Hudson.
I just asked tentatively, is there such a big reaction?
In the battle below, the elven army did suffer a lot, but the ones who suffered the most were the coalition forces of the ancient survivors.
After the initial losses, the elf magicians set up the magic shield as quickly as possible. Although it could not completely block the arrow rain, it also greatly reduced the lethality of the magic crossbow.
On the contrary, it was the stupid Tie Hanhan from the ancient relics who didn’t even have a shield, so they rushed forward desperately and continued to contribute to the expeditionary force.
Of course, the most important thing is that no one has ever encountered the rogue style of play of the Expeditionary Force.
In the past, when human knights encountered such situations, th