onfirmed my identity. Now I am riding a tiger and it is difficult to get off.

onfirmed my identity. Now I am riding a tiger and it is difficult to get off.
I took a deep breath and finally made up my mind and said: “But he is much stronger than me, how can I kill him?”
Duan Qing heard that I had thoughts of killing, and she said: “As long as we are human, we will have weaknesses. He is a human being and he also has weaknesses.”
After saying that, Duan Qing took out his laptop and opened it and said, “What’s more, you are not as weak as you think.”
After she finished speaking, I saw that she had already clicked on a paragraph. Video, I saw this was a video from the roof of a building. It looked familiar. It seemed to be the roof of the building where my parents lived, because I could still see the water tank on the roof. Soon I saw myself appearing in the screen. But in the image, I was dragging someone, it seemed to be a woman. After the camera got closer, I saw that it was the drowned woman on the fifth floor.
I looked at the scene on the screen in amazement, but I was so surprised that I didn’t say anything. Instead, I continued to watch patiently, until finally I saw that I had thrown this woman into the water tank, and then someone seemed to be struggling violently in the water tank. But soon there was no sound.
In the picture, I stood on the roof of the building for a while, not knowing what I was doing, and then I left.
The scene ends here. If someone else showed me this video, I would definitely think that it was done by that person. But now Duan Qing did show it to me. After saying that, I looked at him and said “Did I throw the woman on the fifth floor into the water tank?”
Duan Qing said with certainty, “Yes!” Zhuang Nongjie died.
I appreciated that I was prepared and was not very surprised. I just asked her: “Why did I kill her?”
Duan Qing said: “You will definitely ask why you don’t remember, right?”
Duan Qing seemed to know everything. If she didn’t know, this video wouldn’t exist. When I heard her say this, I nodded, and she said, “Let’s talk about these things when you can live. If you can’t live, there is no need to know.”
Duan Qing told the truth, she showed me these, Undoubtedly, it is to give me the motivation to kill, not to mention that since there is already a murder case on me, there will be a lot less psychological barriers in the next thing.
But Duan Qing said something else, she said: “Do you really think Captain Fan doesn’t know anything? There are many things he doesn’t say, but they are always under his control. No one can guess someone like him.” Find out what he was thinking.”
This sentence was the source of shock to me, because since Fan Zhen knew that I killed the woman on the fifth floor, why did he still believe me so unconditionally? This makes me deeply puzzled. What does Fan Zhen want to do?
/I became silent after that. Soon the car arrived at my community. Duan Qing didn’t tell me anything. He only said: “Killing is an instinct. When the other side of you is stimulated, you will naturally Know what to do.”
Then I went to t