tate? Moreover, I am above the gray fog, which can even block the influence of the true god. Klein frowned, leaned back, and carefully recalled the contents related to similar phenomena in the Book of Secrets.

It didn’t take long for him to roughly understand the reason:
When describing certain existences in detail, even if it is purely textual content, it will affect the reader’s thoughts and spirit.
/Among them, the most terrifying are the records related to the true God.
A book that explains a certain god in detail will make everyone who reads it crazy, or have their views distorted. It is a high probability that an extraordinary person will lose control directly.
The notebook of experiences in the spiritual world comes from an ancestor of the Abraham family. He recorded all kinds of strange things he encountered while traveling in the spiritual world.
What’s even more surprising is that these seven magical lights are alive. They are alive just like the various spirits wandering there.
In the field of occultism, the goals of many secret contract rituals are actually the seven rays of pure light. Through the secret agreement with them, one can gain certain knowledge. Therefore, many occult experts call the seven rays of pure light “master” or “teacher”. “.
The seven pure lights seemed very happy about this, and even attracted many spiritual creatures to establish a secret organization specializing in teaching people knowledge, the “Pure Light Brotherhood”
The owner of the note, a traveler from the Abraham family, claimed that when he wandered into the depths of the spiritual world, he met an old man wearing lemon yellow robes.
The old man’s body was translucent, unusually similar to the surrounding spiritual creatures, but his attitude was surprisingly kind.
The traveler from the Abraham family communicated with the old man for a while, and unexpectedly learned that the other man was transformed from the “yellow light” Venetan, one of the seven pure lights covering the highest point in the spiritual world.
Venitan told the traveler of the Abraham family that his characteristics were rationality and adaptability, which were symbols of the astrological field, and the corresponding gemstone was emerald.
/He mentioned with considerable concern a prophecy from himself:
“Looking down from the stars, the earth will be torn apart and everything in the world will cease to exist.”
He believes that this is the final doomsday that will come within two hundred years, and that no living thing will be spared.
The traveler from the Abraham family didn’t feel anything about this and didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, he asked for advice on how to remove the curse of his own family’s bloodline.
“Yellow Light” Wenitan told him that in a sense, this is indeed a curse, but it is completely different in nature from the curse in occultism. The solution will be in the future, in a “man who gets the help of a hidden existence” Apprentice” hands.
He also warned the traveler of the Abraham family that the day when the cu