“Detective Stuart.”

Queens, in the luxurious villa of Earl Hall’s family.
Susie was lying in the corner of the study, looking around boredly.
Earl Hall, whose belly was bulging, took a puff of his pipe and said to the eldest son in front of him:
“Hibbert, do you know why I must let you join the Air Pollution Investigation Committee?”
/Hibbert Hall had already replied thoughtfully:
“You hope to influence the formulation of relevant laws and policies”
“Hibbert, although our family has a fixed seat in the House of Lords, you will become a member of the House of Lords sooner or later. However, apart from people with special status such as the Speaker, why do some nobles have greater influence when they are also members of the House of Lords?”
Hibbert thought for a while and said:
“Titles, wealth, business status, and connections within government and the military”
“This is only part of it. In addition, there is also the ability to handle affairs. People will always trust similar people who have rich experience and have participated in many things. If you want to make a difference in the political arena in the future, in addition to inheriting the seat, you must also try your best to Participate in various affairs regularly, show corresponding abilities, and gradually become more active in the sight of parliamentarians and ministers, so that they gradually feel that you are trustworthy. This is your own influence.”
“Hibbert, take a look at the Republic of Intis and the current situation of their nobles. You should understand that with the passage of time and the development of society, the apparent privileges will be weakened and the titles will become more and more The less important it is, it is just an honorary title. The status in the business field and its own influence are the things you should pay attention to.” Earl Hall explained in detail.
“What if you encounter something you are not good at?” Xiber pondered.
/“Then pretend you can handle it. Don’t care about wasting money, form a professional team and listen to their opinions to make a decision. Everyone has many areas that they are not good at, only money is omnipotent.” Hall The count nodded.
Hibbert replied suddenly:
“I understand, Dad.”
At this time, Susie next to her yawned boredly.
When everything was over, it slipped into Audrey’s studio, repeated everything it heard, and finally muttered:
“I have no idea what they are talking about”
Audrey listened thoughtfully and said with a smile:
“It’s a good thing you don’t have to smell those pungent smells.”
“Really?” Susie asked in confusion.
Audrey didn’t answer it and thought of another thing.
She originally planned to quietly draw the council’s attention to the poor conditions in the East End, Factory District, and Dockside District, but at two recent social gatherings, she found that she could not find the opportunity.
Those nobles, those congressmen, and those senior government employees don’t know how to talk about similar topics, and they can’t guide them even if they want to.