he may answer some questions. Derrick comforted himself.

“The Hanged Man” Alger turned his head and looked up, and said humbly:
/“Dear Mr. Fool, I have collected three new pages of Russell’s diary.”
/Diary Russell’s Diary “Magician” Forsi’s ears suddenly pricked up.
Klein responded with a smile:
“What do you want to trade them for?”
Glancing at the card covered in Mr. Fool’s hand, Alger “The Hanged Man” suppressed his enthusiasm and said:
“I wonder what that card next to you is.”
I know this. “Justice” Audrey half-turned her eyes, raised her chin slightly, and happily cast her gaze diagonally forward, towards a stone pillar supporting the dome.
She quickly withdrew her gaze, ready to appreciate Mr. “The Hanged Man”‘s reaction after hearing the answer.
“Magician” Forsi vaguely understood one thing:
Using the so-called Russell Diary, you can exchange answers to certain questions from Mr. Fool, and maybe exchange them for items.
“Russell’s diary was written with unique symbols. Those notes that others could not understand at all turned out to be diaries. The Hanged Man’s tone was very firm, but Mr. Fool did not refute.
“I’ve met a lot of them, but I never bought them because I wasn’t interested. Yes, Miss Audrey has a lot of them. She’s a fan of this. But, her dog was last week, no, Maybe it was last week, I can’t remember clearly, but in short, it chewed up many books and notes, including all the diaries of Emperor Russell.”
The sudden surprise and subsequent disappointment filled Forsi’s heart, making her want to raise her hands, cover her ears, and scream loudly.
Otherwise, it’s not enough to express her feelings at this time.
I hate dogs, “Magician” Forsi thought bitterly.
“The Hanged Man”‘s request was quite beyond Klein’s expectations, but for him, it was the easiest to complete, so he chuckled and said:
“Do you want everyone to hear it, or do you want it to be only known to you?”
“The Hanged Man” Alger replied without hesitation:
“Only you know.”
He does not have the spirit of selfless dedication.
Klein smiled and blocked the senses of the other members, which made Miss Justice very aggrieved. She was waiting to see Mr. “The Hanged Man”‘s stunned and shocked expression, as if he had done something remarkable, although I won’t take the initiative to publicize it, but I’m looking forward to others’ reactions when they find out.
But now, the abominable “Hanged Man” has deprived me of this happiness. Audrey muttered in her heart.
Of course, she knew very well that the other party’s request was absolutely legitimate.
But I already know the answer, she thought with her lips pursed.
At this time, Klein leisurely turned over the blasphemy card and stood it up, so that the Hanged Man could directly see Russell wearing black armor, a crown, and a cape.
The portrait of this great emperor can often be seen. Alger, the “Hanged Man”, was no stranger to him and recognized it immediately. What’s more important is that there is a bright logo on the playing card:
“Sequence 0, Black Emperor”