“Donna, Denton, it’s time to go back. You have to get up early tomorrow to have breakfast with your parents.” Cecil glanced at the position of the moon.
/“Okay.” Donna stood up reluctantly.
Denton asked hurriedly:
“Do I have a chance to be an adventurer?”
His mind has been captured by the previous hunting activities and the legends just now.
Clevis walked up to him, patted his shoulder and said:
“Before asking this question, you need at least five years of fighting training and knowledge acquisition. I think your father will hire a good tutor for you.”
“Yeah” Denton’s eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously.
Five years later, when you grow up, you will most likely no longer want to be an adventurer who is buried under the sea at any time. Cleeves’ handling is very sophisticated. He did not refuse directly, but instead gave hope and let time wash away. This avoids the problem. No matter what the child’s sudden rebellion, mastering a fighting skill will not hurt anyone. Klein put his hands in his pockets and thought with appreciation.
On the way back to the cabin, Cleves handed two 5-pound bills to Klein:
“Your reward.”
He had just received 150 pounds from Ireland to buy a whole fishman.
“I didn’t do anything.” Klein instinctively refused.
Clevis glanced at him with his light blue eyes and said in a low voice:
“You freed Cecil and watched over the children.”
After watching the children, Klein wanted to laugh, but in the end he took the two bills and drew a triangle on his chest:
“You are more generous than I thought, thank you.”
He stopped refusing because he suddenly figured out an issue. If he didn’t accept the 10 pounds, in the eyes of senior adventurers like Cleves, they were dissatisfied with the price and were trying to get more. They might be attacked at any time for claiming to be adventurous. Among the people in the family, there are definitely not a few lunatics who are greedy for money.
Seeing that Gehrman Sparrow had put away the banknotes, Clevis withdrew his gaze and said calmly:
“This is the law of the sea.”
He said no more and followed Cecil, Donna and others into the cabin.
If every commission and every task I made was of this difficulty and had this kind of reward, I would have made a fortune as a private detective long ago. Klein laughed at himself and glanced sideways at the red moon high in the sky.
It still shines quietly and gently into the night.
“Legends of the sea, different monsters, I finally found a bit of an adventurer’s feeling.” Klein turned and walked to the edge of the ship’s side, bathed in the crimson gauze, admiring the waves that became darker and darker as they got further away, and his mood gradually settled, starting from Baekeland I came out of the gloom after the smog in Germany little by little.
The cold and moist wind slapped his face, and the vast and boundless ocean came into view, slowly opening his mind.
At this moment, Klein had the urge to sing poetry, but when he opened his mouth, he found that he could not remember the corresponding mo