under the leadership of the Frankish Kingdom easy to get along with?

The current Holy See is a rubber stamp. As long as you ignore them, it will only occasionally disgust people.
With the unknown new Holy See and the support of the Frankish Kingdom, who knows what will happen next?
People are always full of fear about uncertain things.
Without enough supporters, Charles III’s plan was forced to be shelved. He could only tarnish the reputation of the Holy See first, and then slowly carry out his plans.
/Now the opportunity has come. If we get the support of the northern countries and add Frank’s own younger brother, we will have the foundation to establish a new Holy See.
If a few more countries are fooled into participating, it will almost change the color of half of the human countries on the continent.
Even if the Holy See wants to form a conquest army, I am afraid that the remaining countries will just deal with it.
After all, there are aliens peeping outside, and no one dares to provoke a large-scale civil war.
“Your Majesty, Caesar III’s promise should be reliable. The Alpha Kingdom and the Holy See also have deep grievances, and there is an opportunity to bring down the Holy See. It is not surprising that they are involved.
/The only problem is that they have promised to persuade the northern countries to join together. Whether they can fulfill it is still unknown.
But this kind of thing is ultimately a good thing for the kingdom.
Regardless of success or failure, it never hurts to give it a try. ”
Prime Minister Bergson responded with a smile.
Even if you can’t win over the northern countries, you can win over the Alpha Kingdom. When it comes to fighting against the Holy See, no one would dislike having many allies.
The fluttering flags tell the story of the hardships of marching thousands of miles in the summer heat.
After crossing the borderline, Hudson always felt a sense of loss and uneasiness inside.
It is impossible to fight in a foreign country without always being vigilant.
Fortunately, the gryphon cavalry brought by Crown Prince Caesar played a role in the reconnaissance, which gave Hudson a little peace of mind.
Hudson could refuse invitations from nobles along the way, and left the military camp as little as possible.
These little episodes did not cause the slightest disturbance. The guest of honor at the banquet is Crown Prince Caesar, not the little viscount.
If you can send an invitation, it’s all a matter of face. Whether you attend the banquet or not, it really means that there is not much with him, and there is not much without him.
This is based on the premise that the reputation of “The Elite of the Wright County Regiment” has spread far and wide, otherwise people would not even know who Hudson was.
Seeing Crown Prince Caesar walking among the nobles with ease and ease, Hudson felt envious.
This kind of skill cannot be learned just by wanting to learn it. It is difficult to do this without extraordinary communication talents.
Of course, the most important thing is to g