no choice but to die.

In the past year, dozens of large tribes have been wiped out. Without exception, they are all people whose brains are not bright enough.
Once the principled issues are settled, subsequent issues will be easier to deal with. Once the assets of all parties were merged, everyone became a member of the Tatim tribe and followed Chief Stark from then on.
Similar scenes are constantly happening in many corners of the Orc Empire.
Regardless of whether tribes of the same race merge, some closely related orc races will also choose to stay together for warmth.
Especially those races that are on the verge of extinction are more able to accept cross-racial mergers.
Anyway, the most common thing in the orc empire is hybridization. Several different races stick together for warmth, and after a few generations of marriage, they become a new race.
If you are lucky, you may occasionally experience a bloodline returning to your ancestors, which can be regarded as a different kind of continuation of the racial bloodline.
These chain reactions directly affected the course of the orc civil war.
When Daniel led an army to severely damage the Elephant tribe with thunderous means, hoping to use the power of victory to eliminate the other six tribes, the four royal families suddenly discovered that the world was different.
The small vassal tribes under his command became large tribes, and the small vassal races became racial alliances.
The original small tribe with a thousand children and eight hundred people had disappeared in the empire, and was replaced by a large tribe with ten thousand people.
Many seemingly inconspicuous races, after some mergers and reorganizations, have become qualified to make their own voices heard.
Of course, more small races died in this civil strife before they could react.
Facts have proved that the orcs without order restraint can kill each other much more efficiently than the human army can kill the orcs.
Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Daniel had already destroyed three of the Seven Clans Alliance, and the remaining four tribes were also trembling under the attack of the four royal families.
However, the Alliance of Seven Clans can be solved by force, but there is no way to solve the successors who come one after another.
“Our control over the vassal races has declined to an extremely dangerous level. If we are not careful, this fragile rule will collapse.
I’m not afraid of your jokes. A few days ago we sent people to collect taxes, and the things we received were less than one-fifth of those in previous years.
Even so, I can’t get angry at the vassal race. I’m afraid that one bad thing will push them into the Seven Clans Alliance! ”
/The Yingren Emperor said with a livid face.
As a royal family, it is undoubtedly very embarrassing to be unable to control the vassal race.
But there was no way. The outbreak of civil war greatly reduced their prestige. The vassal tribes below are constantly making various small moves in an attempt to get rid of their enslave