hat is their own business. His hands are not that long yet.

Noble lords have the obligation to perform military service, but they have very high autonomy in the deployment of military units. Hudson had neither the right nor the need to interfere.
Noble gentlemen never take matters involving their own lives lightly. Even if the equipment is unreasonable, it won’t be too bad.
/With so many heavy infantry, in addition to increasing field combat capabilities, the most important thing is to withstand beatings and have a high soldier survival rate.
Protected by armor and shield, it can block most of the enemy’s attacks. Often when a war is fought, the casualty rate of heavy infantry is less than one-tenth of that of other soldiers.
It is not easy to cultivate elites, and Hudson cannot bear the loss. Although I was prepared to “strategically switch” on my own at any time, it was a situation where there was no way back.
If they could win, no one would choose to flee in panic. If you want to win the battle, increasing the strength of your troops is undoubtedly the key factor.
Apart from a little higher cost and a little slower movement speed, heavy infantry has almost no obvious shortcomings.
If there are not enough cattle, other animals can only be used to make up for it.
“Horse cavalry”, “mule cavalry” and “donkey cavalry” can all be arranged.
/Anyway, there is no hope that they will fight with the orc cavalry. It just carries heavy infantry forward, preserves the physical strength of the soldiers, and increases the marching speed.
Of course, it is not impossible to bully some orcs with a combat power of only 5 and use them directly as cavalry.
The biggest problem with the hodgepodge of mount equipment is logistics.
Relatively speaking, cattle are the easiest to raise. A bale of grass and some feed will do the trick.
Mules, donkeys, and horses are easy to raise. What really needs to be worried about is the war horse.
Forage is what you eat in normal times, but you must eat food in times of war.
In order to have balanced nutrition, beans, bran, and cereals must be included, and sometimes even eggs must be added.
The standard of food is close to that of a nobleman, and the money is much more expensive than that of ordinary soldiers.
The greater the number of animals required, the greater the logistical pressure. Fortunately, this kind of war does not require the preparation of dry food, otherwise Hudson could collapse on the spot.
With heavy infantry, archers are naturally indispensable. When the opponent’s orc army lacks armor protection, archers can often play an unexpected role.
Five hundred archers, this was most of what Hudson could afford. They are all equipped with powerful bows from the Alpha Kingdom, with a maximum range of 300 meters.
The bow is 1.5 meters long, the bow body is made of high-quality wood, and the bow string is made of hemp fiber.
The biggest difference from ordinary bows and arrows is that after these strong bows are made, they need to be soaked in special magic reagents for three