ears. At that time, all the nobles who need to be canonized will arrive at the royal capital and accept the official canonization from the king.

The previous title inheritance and canonization are also valid, but some of the rights of the nobles are missing before the procedures are completed.
For example: in the Parliament of Nobles, they only have the right to observe and make suggestions, but not the right to propose or vote.
These are all small issues. For Hudson, whether it is a proposal in parliament or a vote, they are far away from him.
Just look at the Southeast Provincial Nobles Council and you will know that voting on such a sacred matter is actually held at a banquet hosted by the governor. You will know how stupid this thing is.
/After packing his bags and preparing to lead his troops to the territory, Baron Redman suddenly brought a bow.
“I got this from an old friend. It is said to be the exclusive bow of the elves. Although it is not equipped with a magic device, its power is not comparable to that of ordinary bows and arrows.
In the hands of ordinary people, it is pure waste. Give Hudson a try, I hope it can unleash its real power in your hands. ”
Baron Redman said with slight joy.
If he hadn’t accidentally mentioned it in a conversation with an old friend, he wouldn’t have known that his son was the famous “Knight of the Divine Bow”.
Even now, he still feels like he is dreaming. After all, as a father, he couldn’t understand what Hudson’s talent was.
But facts speak louder than words. When people around him began to say this, Baron Redman could only understand that Hudson was deliberately hiding his clumsiness.
After all, there are so many legendary things about Hudson. He obviously took 500 serf soldiers with him before setting off, but everyone said they were 500 elite soldiers.
Explanations were useless. Not only did they list their achievements as proof, they also swore that they had seen them fight with their own eyes. This made Baron Redman doubt whether the five hundred elite troops he sent were.
Unfortunately, there are still those familiar faces in the camp. Although some strangers have been added, most of them are still his subjects.
If you don’t understand, then you don’t bother to delve into it. If the outside world thinks they are elites, then let this beautiful misunderstanding continue.
What’s more, the rumors are not completely without merit. At least they have frightened countless peepers and reduced a lot of unnecessary trouble.
The strength that hundreds of elite soldiers and a divine archer with the Earth Bear can exert is enough to make countless small and medium-sized nobles fear them.
After taking the bow and arrow, Hudson immediately noticed something unusual. Ordinary bows and arrows are made of hardwood and cowhide as the main materials, but this special bow and arrow of the elves is made of mysterious rattan and magic beast sinew.
After trying to nock an arrow, Hudson was surprised to find that he could not fully draw the bow even though he had exhaus