l, with a machine gun mounted on it.

This firepower point has a wide view, but it is also an extremely dangerous place. When we were attacked just now, the place was cleared as soon as we opened fire.
Hull chose this place because it was far away from other places and he didn’t want to draw attention to others.
The sergeant raised his head and glanced in their direction, and asked loudly: “Is there enough ammunition up there?”
“That’s enough, there are two boxes.” Gear quickly replied.
“Both of you are on guard duty at the same time. Keep your eyes open and don’t let us be attacked by those guys again. In that case, you yourself will definitely die, and I’m afraid not many people here will survive.” The sergeant ordered.
Perhaps it is because the shadow of death hangs in everyone’s mind and the heavy pressure becomes motivation, so everyone does things very quickly.
Soon a pile of fires was lit, and the bodies of the deceased gradually turned to ashes in the light of the fire.
Except for those who had already entered the position, others stood aside and silently prayed for the deceased. Someone did not know who sang the requiem softly. In the deep and sad singing, some people slowly knelt on the ground, with their right hands Keep crossing yourself on your chest.
The saddest thing at the moment is probably the survivors of the battle just now.
After a while, the sergeant finally wiped his face, wiped away the tears on his cheeks, and said in a choked and hoarse voice: “Let our warriors rest in peace. Maybe some of you will also I will join them. I’m not going to lie. What we have to deal with is a group of very terrifying enemies. I don’t know who they are or how many there are. I just know that they are not ordinary people.
“The reason why I asked you to burn all the corpses is because our enemies can manipulate corpses, and the manipulated corpses will become very dangerous. They will become very fast and powerful. They can jump at once. On the roof, it doesn’t look like the legendary zombies at all.
/“These corpses are difficult to defeat, which is similar to zombies, but they are more troublesome than zombies because even if their heads are blown, they can still move, which zombies absolutely cannot do.
“I don’t intend to give you any hope. The magician in charge of the message said that reinforcements are already on the way, but it will take at least three hours for them to reach us. During these three hours, the only one you can rely on is yourself. and the weapons in your hands.
“Finally, I would like to say one more thing. After entering the position, you are absolutely not allowed to run around, because no one knows whether you ran away because of fear, or whether you have been killed and your body is being manipulated by the enemy.
“Anything running around will be attacked as an enemy. It is best for each of you to remember this sentence.”
This unique pre-war mobilization left everyone speechless. The crowd gradually dispersed and everyone returned to their respective positions.
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