rate decision.

But now that she could be classmates with Lin Yuan, and thinking that the two of them would have more contact opportunities in the future, Gu Xi felt that all the hard work was worth it!
/So although her surprise at this moment was fake, the smile on her face was definitely from the bottom of her heart!
“It’s quite a coincidence, hello.” Lin Yuan said.
When she left Qin Yi before, Gu Xi gave Lin Yuan a planet model.
Although there was no egg yolk in it, Lin Yuan accepted the gift anyway, so his attitude was relatively friendly.
And after going through some things, Lin Yuan was no longer as resistant to Gu Xi as before.
“It’s definitely not good to meet Gu Xi.”
Lin Yuan felt bad about always thinking about others like this.
Didn’t nothing happen the last time I sent the planet model?
“We will be classmates from now on!”
Gu Xi spoke according to the draft she had prepared: “But because I have just transferred to the composition department, I am not very familiar with other students, and I don’t really know much about composition, so I hope to have the opportunity to talk to classmate Lin next semester. consult!”
“Feel sorry.”
Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m going back to Qin Yi next semester.”
Gu Xi’s expression suddenly stiffened.
The world seemed to have lost its color at this moment, and her eyes gradually lost their sparkle. There was only one sentence left in her mind:
“I’m going back to Qinyi next semester.”
“I’m going back to Qinyi next semester.”
“I’m going back to Qin Yi”
“Back to Qin Yi”
Gu Xi said with a trembling tone: “Why?”
Lin Yuan did not notice Gu Xi’s strange behavior and patiently explained: “Qin Qi merged, and the systems on both sides have also changed. In the future, the exchange student system will be cancelled, so all our exchange students will have to return to their original schools next semester. .”
Gu Xi felt her head buzzing.
She didn’t even know how she got back to her seat, she just felt lost.
At this moment, Gu Xi even vaguely felt the power of fate.
“Classmate Gu Xi”
I don’t know when a lot of boys gathered around me, saying all kinds of things, but Gu Xi couldn’t listen to a word and just managed to deal with it: “I want to be quiet.”
The boys looked at each other and dispersed.
Gu Xi took out her mobile phone, and her nimble fingers, which were extremely good at piano, were trembling a little at the moment and sent a message: “Can I return to Qin Yi next year?”
The other person quickly replied with a message: “You are the one who is desperately shouting to go to Qiyi! You have just arrived at Qiyi and you want to come back? Are the two schools run by your family?”
Gu Xi heard her heart breaking.
The other side asked: “Why?”
Gu Xi tried her best to type a few words back: “My heart is dead, I have to burn paper if I have something to do.”
During the last period of time at Qi Yi, Lin Yuan felt the leisure he had not seen for a long time. If he had to say what troubled him, it was probably because there were too many c