say that, then I will immediately admit defeat and admit that I was wrong in this fight, hahaha, an apology, in exchange for two true demon-level powerhouses My heart is in turmoil, and if I fall below the true demonic level, I will make a lot of money.”

The middle-aged man’s body was shaking violently, and the blue gloves on his hands were turning on and off. After a few seconds, he sighed slightly, turned around and looked at the free souls that were rushing towards him. His aura suddenly erupted, and he shouted loudly: “Fuck you, stop it!”
The aura of this middle-aged man is actually pride, and its characteristic is extremely tough. As long as his pride remains unchanged, it is almost indelible. No wonder it can burst out under the envelope of the tolerant aura, and he is overwhelmed by this aura. Suppression, coupled with the middle-aged man’s roar, the free souls who rushed towards him immediately stopped on the spot. Some people who ran in a hurry even fell to the ground, and they all looked at the middle-aged man in a daze.
After roaring, the middle-aged man turned to look at Pei Jiao and said, “It’s true as you said, many of them have lost their minds, but you can’t blame them, right? After all, in the living world, you yellow people , what capabilities do black people have? But in this soul world, our world view has been severely shattered by Gong Yeyu. This is our pride and self-confidence! Do you think people who are proud and self-confident are being stepped on? Is it possible that there is a future and a future to speak of?”
Having said this, the middle-aged man took a deep look at Pei Jiao. He suddenly bowed fiercely and said, “What happened today is our fault. It is my suggestion to suppress your Chinese Soul Organization this time. If you have If you have any grievances, just come to me. I will take it all, but not here, and not at this time! Now is the time for us to discuss the issue of the defense zone, and it is also the time to face the Fallen Group. I think you also Are you so ignorant of the overall situation? I can’t guarantee anything else, but I can guarantee one thing. As long as the 17-nation summit on Easter Island is not over, I will severely punish any provocation and troublemaking behavior on my side! No mercy, I hope you can accept my apology.”
“But we white people are not as unbearable as you say! At least we dare to admit it after we have missed it, and we can even kneel down for our sins, but can you yellow people do it?”
/(He is a character!)
Pei Jiao immediately had such a feeling in his heart. He looked deeply at the middle-aged man a few more times, withdrew his aura of tolerance, and at the same time put the fake bull head back into his eyes, and then said : “I understand what you did and why you did it, but I can’t accept that you used us as a stepping stone to do all this. Okay, this is over. I accept your apology, but I have a request.”
The middle-aged man stood up, looked at Pei Jiao with an expression of equal treatment and said, “Please tell me.”
/Pei Jiao looke