ctually sent out the soul army again.” Gong Yeyu snorted coldly, a purple light flashed in his eyes, and the purple thunder knife had already flashed in his hand.

The others also each took out their own natural weapons, but before they could launch an attack, the spaceships in the sky had already opened their rear hatches, and hundreds of souls flew out from inside.
/Yes, the people flying out of the spaceship this time were not soul armies, but souls in different clothes, and behind them there was a hazy mist, tumbling, dancing, and it looked like… Various feather wings with different shapes are really beautiful, setting off these souls and floating in the void.
Ye Neodymium saw the hazy wings on the backs of these souls, and she said with stars in her eyes: “Wow, what kind of wings are those? Are they mass-produced natural weapons? They look so beautiful, and they can fly, too. I want one, husband, help me grab one later.”
/The expression of Xue Na next to her changed drastically. The little girl had always been smiling and laughing, as if she was an optimistic and innocent little girl. Although her mouth was a bit venomous when dealing with Gong Yeyu, it could be seen that this little girl She was actually very kind at heart, but at this moment she was like a cat whose tail was stepped on. She jumped up and yelled, and at the same time cursed: “Beasts, are these humans all beasts? Or are humans except you? Apart from that, all but the beasts are left?”
The expressions of the people around them changed, and they all seemed a little embarrassed. They couldn’t say anything to refute. The middle and high-level people in the world government are indeed behaving like animals. However, Zhang Heng among them couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong? Did Xena discover something?”
Xue Na turned around in shock and said loudly: “Didn’t you see? What’s behind them is there. You humans can’t see the normal state of this band with your human vision range, so what?”
Xue Na clicked something in the void with both hands, and characters in the void appeared and disappeared. After a while, a not too big hazy glass layer appeared between everyone and the city, and this hazy glass layer happened to cover everyone’s eyes. The sight was all taken in, and then, the souls who appeared in front of everyone, no longer had hazy wings on their backs, but children who were twisting their bodies and crying and howling! baby!
Xue Na said angrily: “This is a phenomenon of spiritual fusion. Generally speaking, any soul, even a ghost, has its own unique characteristics, temperament, personality, beliefs, and even evil thoughts and sins. These are all unique from others.” Different, but in some cases, special situations will also occur. For example, if the souls of newly born babies or children who are born idiots are extracted, their souls will be as blank as a piece of paper, although their souls are as blank as a piece of paper. Souls also have their own unique marks, but under most of the same circumstances, their souls will still fuse toget