ke an ordinary person directly become a war saint. However, this secret technique is not mature enough and may be dangerous.”

Hel’s words made Diana’s heart move. Although she saved her life, her strength had dropped a lot. She was not even a war emperor, let alone a war saint.
At this moment, the first thing she felt was not the humiliation of becoming a slave girl, but the inner fear of being slaughtered.
Although there is a lot of helplessness in returning to the strength of the War Saint, it is a path of death if you don’t advance, but the feeling of controlling the life and death of others is something that people who have not entered the War Saint can never imagine.
A War Emperor can deal with a dozen high-level warriors, but a War Saint will not be afraid at all when facing dozens or even hundreds of War Emperors.
The War Saint is the absolute master on the battlefield, and the only one who can deal with the War Saint is another War Saint.
“Is your secret skill really that amazing?” Diana asked.
“If the spell is used on you, the effect may be better. Maybe after using the secret technique, your strength will be further than before.” Hel promised casually.
/Diana was not a fool, and of course she would not be deceived by such empty promises, but she remembered that this man had said many similar big words before and after, but from the results, it seemed that these big words were all fulfilled to the letter.
When this man said that he could repair her body and save her from death, she did not believe this promise. The reason why she became his slave girl was because there was no better choice than this.
After all, it is better to be raped by a tolerable liar than raped by a group of disgusting beasts.
Unexpectedly, this was not an empty talk. Now her life was definitely saved and could be restored to its original state?
Now, do you want to believe this person’s words again and try that magical secret technique?
Before Diana could make a decision, there was suddenly a knock on the door.
The man outside the door is definitely no ordinary person.
You must know that there are several barriers set up around it. The sounds inside cannot be transmitted out, and the sounds from outside cannot be transmitted in. The barrier is still there, but the knock on the door is heard, and this move seems very clever.
Since the sound can be transmitted in, it means that the surrounding barrier does not seem to exist to the person outside, and the “scenery” inside can definitely be seen.
With a soft sound, Hel was thrown out by the embarrassed Diana.
/When Hull got up from the ground, he had already put on all the clothes. He only needed to flick his fingers. At this time, the ring that Dosalun gave him had only these uses. .
Throwing the quilts and clothes scattered on the floor onto the bed, watching Diana wrap herself tightly, a teasing smile appeared on the corner of Hel’s mouth.
If the person outside the door really wants to peek, it will be useless no matter how tightly you wrap yourself.
Hull walked to the