“What instructions does the prime minister have on this?”

he asked.
“There is one thing related to you. You must find out the details of No. 102028. The time limit given to you is only one year. During this period, you can freely access all confidential documents, but you are not allowed to access No. 102028. Take action, our relationship with him is quite delicate now.”
/The strange old man hesitated to speak, but Martin already knew what was going on. The relationship between that man and the local snake of Miscon, Sharon, was not a secret at all, and now Sharon had withdrawn from Miscon and turned around to monopolize Sherlot. , I have to say that this guy does have vision and courage.
The second lieutenant saw all the honeymoon-like intimacy between Chalon and the authorities, and he also knew what this local snake had done in private.
The prosperity of Sherut is based on smuggling. It is this local snake that controls all smuggling channels. What is even more intolerable is that this guy helped the steel tycoon Goler to bring a batch of equipment, technical data and engineers to the country. , smuggled out of Miscon.
Just a few days ago, a very advanced steelmaking plant was built on Ice and Snow Island. All the engineers in it were employees of the original Solang Steel Plant.
The samples produced by that steel mill were even better than the best steel from the Solan Steel Plant, and the quality was at least one grade higher. It was obvious that Gobol had hidden these technologies.
/This incident made everyone in the empire extremely angry, but there was nothing they could do about the steel tycoon. The guy had already transferred the shares of the steel plant, and all the money he received was transferred to foreign banks.
There was only one mansion that had not yet been sold in Braunton. Gorler simply donated the mansion and set up a charity fund to turn the mansion into a charity hospital. If the empire confiscates this mansion, its reputation will be ruined.
Although they knew clearly what role he played in this incident, no one dared to do anything to this local snake like Charon. This incident taught Lieutenant Martin a lot.
“Mask, Black Seraph, Charon, Gorel and the Immortal King, we seem to be trapped in a giant net.” The strange old man kept shaking his head and sighed.
“Why should Gorel be included? He has indeed caused us a lot of trouble, but he seems to be unable to compare with the other people.” Marquis Dockerman asked casually.
Martin next to him quickly explained: “General, Gorel is a figure who cannot be underestimated. He has industries all over the world. In Debreton, he owns several machinery factories. He also controls a machine factory in Harang. Futures investment company, he owns a mine in Yita.
“In addition, he also holds shares in dozens of companies, most of which are engaged in machinery manufacturing and, of course, arms manufacturing.”
Marquis Dockman immediately frowned at this sensitive word.
“It’s the arms.” Martin said with certainty: “The secret police