ently. From a distance, it seemed as if a ball of flame was burning on his body, blood red, like a blood-like flame. Suddenly, this voice, this flame , all the eyes in front of them were attracted at once. Those who were panicking, crying, and scolding were all stunned for a while, and even the five main combatants were stunned for a while. They all more or less understood what Saru planned.

“I’m asking you now!” Salu shouted at the hundreds of people in front of him and more than a thousand people further away: “Are you still planning to continue running away? Run away like a dog, like a pig. Live and hide like rats! Do you still plan to do that? Or be captured by those alien races, skinned and boned by them, watching them eat your flesh and blood, watching your relatives being swallowed up, this is what you Do you want the life and future you want? No! I want to fight! Even if I die today, I still want to fight! If I want to fight to the death, I will drag an alien on my back before I die!”
“Now there is a path. If you want to live, if you want to live like a human being, if you want our parents, lovers, sons, and daughters to live like human beings, come with me and let us follow Behind the commander of the royal army, let us die together!”
/After Saru finished roaring loudly, he no longer looked at the people in front of him. He just glanced at the five main combatants indifferently, then continued to roar and rushed towards the elven army battle line in the distance.
The crowd below was still stunned and silent, but the five main combatants looked at each other. They all understood, so they roared and burst out their fighting spirit. Then one of them also shouted: “Captain Lengjian has detected traces. The team behind us has at least 2,000 people. It will arrive in about half an hour. So, if you want to survive, just rush with me!” After shouting, , this man followed closely behind Saru and rushed into the distance at the same time.
Seeing Saru and the five people rushing out together, among the hundreds of people who burst out with fighting spirit, there were also more than a hundred people with passionate hearts, or people with deep hatred of the alien race. These people originally planned to fight with the alien race. After all, even those who had no intention of taking their lives could still hold back when provoked by these six people, and immediately burst out with fighting spirit and ran forward with a roar.
Human beings are inherently group creatures. When they are at a loss many times, as long as someone takes the lead, many people will just follow blindly. When six people run out, they may not follow blindly, but when one or two hundred people When they ran out, these people followed the trend and burst out fighting energy, and ran out together, followed by more people, then all the fighting energy bursters, and then more than a thousand ordinary people after that. This is a torrent
In fact, whether it was the Royal Army or Leng Jian, they all greatly overestimated the power of the elves and unde