Those were the children, so everyone protected these women along the way, and they also took care of the children. In addition, Li Lian was sneaking at the front to conduct reconnaissance, and everyone fell into disrepair along the way. Didn’t encounter much danger.

All this is thanks to Li Lian’s current quality. In addition to his physical fitness being stronger than ordinary people, he can also enter that strange fighting state, and his intuition for danger has also begun to increase day by day. Many times, everyone It was all because of his advance warning that he escaped several encounters with alien hunting teams.
However, as everyone continued to move towards the west, they also discovered something incredible that everyone found: the forest area increased!
/Yes, it was already 2011 when the ghost appeared. How many wild forests were there in the world at that time? Although there are some jungle areas near Beijing, there is absolutely nothing that can be called a forest. However, as everyone continued to move forward, they discovered that some places that were originally plains, and even had obvious countryside and roads between towns, were now in full swing. It has been covered by jungle, and the trees and grass covered by it seem to be at least the size of trees and grass that have been there for several years or even nearly ten years.
With the discovery of this situation, everyone suddenly felt that since the appearance of those alien races, the area with green trees and greenery has become more numerous, and it continues at an incredible speed, and some animals that were already rare began to appear. , but humans have ignored these phenomena because of the emergence of alien races and the emergence of some ferocious animals that they have never seen before. In this way, the speed of naturalizing the environment is indeed accelerating.
/However, this situation is also a good thing. Maybe everyone does not need to walk the more than 100 plains and may be exposed, so everyone’s mood slowly becomes lighter with this discovery, but as everyone keeps moving forward, After walking for about seven or eight days, they discovered a phenomenon.
That is, it seems that many alien tribes are migrating from the west to the northeast and other directions. However, it is impossible for everyone to catch a foreign tribe to inquire about the situation, but this scene makes everyone feel as if their hearts are about to jump out.
Why do aliens migrate? Why do they avoid the west and migrate in other directions? The only answer is that there is a powerful force there that they cannot match. It is unlikely that it is the alien race itself, because although those alien races usually have disputes when they meet, there seems to be some connection between the alien races, not They worked together to capture and massacre them just like how they dealt with humans. They maintained restraint among themselves, so it was unlikely that there would be a powerful alien tribe in the west. At least, these alien tribes would not be so p