i’s women are very different from his attitude towards others, and Valkyrie will definitely treat him very differently, the two of them.”

Yang Dingtian was listening intently. When Nuwa suddenly asked such a sentence, the images of Pei Jiao and Valkyrie naturally emerged in his mind. It can be said that Valkyrie’s attitude towards everyone is very different. It was indescribably cold, as if she was not facing a living thing, but an object, a dead thing. Only when she faced Pei Jiao would there be a slight change, and Pei Jiao was also shocked when facing Valkyrie. It was different from his usual behavior, so when Nuwa asked like this, he immediately nodded subconsciously, but he immediately reacted and said angrily: “Are you kidding me?”
Nuwa said with great joy: “Do you know him? Do you know who he is? Right? Is he also your partner? Do you really know him?”
Yang Dingtian thought about it, but felt that it didn’t seem to matter if he said it out, so he simply nodded and said: “That’s right! Valkyrie is cold to everyone, only to one of my partners, where I am. When she is the captain of the team, she will treat others differently, so what? Don’t expect me to tell you my captain’s intelligence information!”
“Is he a partner? Is he your captain?” Nuwa was not angry at all. She smiled softly, with tears in her eyes, but before Yang Dingtian could take a closer look, she had already turned slightly away. He turned his head and said: “In that case, just tell him this passage. Maybe he no longer has the memory of the past, but when he returns to his roots, this passage will definitely be of great use to him.”
“Destiny is an author.”
“Destiny is an author?” Yang Dingtian heard something really inexplicable. No matter how you think about these words, they are all abstract and philosophical thoughts. Other than that, they actually have no meaning at all, but this name The phantom called Nuwa, she actually spent so much effort just to get him to take this sentence back to Pei Jiao? What does this mean?
/Nuwa obviously saw Yang Dingtian’s confusion. She smiled softly and said: “Then continuing the previous topic, didn’t you ask me why I said the creatures here are illusory? Are they phantoms? And you don’t want to know. What is the purpose of the Three-Eyed Tribe building this Tower of Babel? And what does the detachment I mentioned before mean? In fact, the answer to all this lies in the six words I just said. Destiny is the author.”
“The life forms of our level, whether it is the saint group that I am in, or the group of cultivators who have learned the Fuxi Bagua characters created by my brother Fuxi, or the three-eyed clan who were framed and killed by the two of us. Group, all living beings at our level have felt and discovered a certain existence. This existence is supreme, this existence has no trace, this existence has created the multiverse, and can also destroy the multiverse. We call this existence ‘he’, or It is ‘fate’. According to your understanding, you can understand this existence as the great power i