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At this time, dance music at station b.
Many up owners in the dance area have uploaded videos of themselves practicing peacock dance!
But most people can’t express that kind of charm.
After all, not everyone can compare with Yun Tongtong in dance basics.
Yun Tongtong is one of the top 50 dancers on the Blue Star Dance List.
“too difficult!”
/“Goddess Yun Tongtong!”
“This dance that Fish Daddy gave Tongtong was so great!”
“Tongtong feels so good. I’ll give you a dance for free.”
“This is the treatment of the Fish Dynasty!”
“Most of the time, Fish Daddy’s works will not be given to outsiders.”
“I feel that many dancers from Blue Star want to cooperate with Team Qinzhou. Maybe one of them can be like Yun Tongtong and get Fish Daddy’s dance for free!”
“Yun Tongtong: Don’t rob me from anyone!”
“Have you forgotten that Fish Daddy is a dancer himself? (Funny)”
Hotly discussed across the internet.
Peacock Dance received rave reviews.
And this day happens to be the last day of the end of March.
That night.
Early morning.
Blue Star’s major lists have received another update.
Amid close attention from around the world, netizens from all over the world were suddenly shocked to discover:
Blue Star Dance List!
Those who are ranked nearby will be famous together!
As for why this happens?
All Blue Star netizens can figure out the answer with their toes!
Peacock dance!
It must be because of the peacock dance!
The emergence of this red flag has even greater impact than the peacock dance itself!
“I lost it.”
“Father Fish is going to hit the top ten on the dance charts?”
“Wan Yi, danger!”
“Father Fish directly threatens the top ten goalkeepers in the dance list with his peacock dance!”
“Now it’s time to have fun!”
“Laughing to death.”
“What about the music competition we agreed on?”
“Is this really going to turn into a dance competition?”
“Wherever there is a fish daddy, there are always all kinds of weird situations. If he sings or composes, it’s a music competition. If he dances or choreographs, it’s a dance competition!”
Lin Yuan went to bed fairly early that night.
I didn’t specifically wait for the list to be updated.
He learned the news from his excited family members after getting up in the morning.
good news.
Lin Yuan smiled.
Taking the initiative to take charge of Qinzhou’s stage performance was not just for his friends. He originally had the idea of ​​taking advantage of the popularity of the show to have a serious impact on the dance rankings.
If successful, it will kill two birds with one stone.
I didn’t expect that there would be some small results so quickly.
And when the time came in the afternoon, Zheng Jing suddenly called: “You know about the dance rankings? You and Wan Yi, the stage effects manager of Zhongzhou Team, have become famous. Why don’t you pursue the victory?”
Lin Yuan: “Who is your opponent next time?”
Zheng Jing: “We drew the lottery this m