o do something bad.

Of course, it was impossible for Wei Xiaobei to cook all the dishes, and time was impossible. Huang Jun and several head chefs had to participate, but they were able to help Wei Xiaobei, making some side dishes and extremely Wei Xiaobei cooks several of his specialty main dishes, including the most expensive ones.
But then, the problem arises.
Just the problem of purchasing ingredients gives Huang Jun a headache, and there is a serious shortage of manpower!
Purchasing ingredients requires a superb eye and an in-depth understanding of the ingredients.
If you spend a lot of money to buy back a bunch of ingredients that are of poor quality and do not meet the requirements, then the joke will be big.
The ingredients are spread all over the country, and some ingredients even need to be purchased abroad.
Even if Huang Jun has three heads and six arms, it is impossible for him to purchase all the ingredients by himself.
For those who meet this requirement, only the head chef and sous chef in the entire kitchen are qualified.
In addition to those who stay in the kitchen, there is still one person who goes out to purchase ingredients.
Finally, Huang Jun set his sights on Wei Xiaobei.
As a chef, your ability in this area cannot be inferior.
Huang Jun has full confidence in Wei Xiaobei.
Facing Huang Jun, Wei Xiaobei was too embarrassed to say that he would not go. Since everyone knew that Wei Xiaobei practiced foreign languages ??when he had nothing to do, in the end the heavy responsibility of purchasing abroad fell on Wei Xiaobei.
Of course, this is inevitable.
In the entire Longhudou Restaurant, there are only a few people who can speak foreign languages. As for the kitchen, the two pastry chefs and assistant chefs do know some English, but their eyesight on ingredients is not good enough, and they need to stay behind. , so Wei Xiaobei had no choice but to go.
After all, Wei Xiaobei is now proficient in English and French, and is currently studying Spanish and Russian.
There are 332 million people who use Spanish as their mother tongue, which is higher than English. They are mainly distributed in Europe and Latin America, while there are 145 million Russian native speakers, mainly in Europe and Asia.
These two languages ??are widely distributed, so Wei Xiaobei included these two languages ??in the current learning stage.
However, after Wei Xiaobei looked at the country he needed to go to, he couldn’t help but frown.
Italy, France, Iran, Alaska, Spain.
five countries.
These five countries need to purchase ingredients, such as porcini mushrooms, Parma ham, parmesan cheese from Italy, black truffles, foie gras, snails from France, Emmaus caviar from Iran, tuna and mandarin fish from Alaska in the United States. Even king crab, Spanish blue crayfish and so on.
In other words, Wei Xiaobei will need to stay abroad for at least a month.
Now that he has accepted the task, Wei Xiaobei will not refuse, but the language plan seems to need to be revised.
/The main language in Italy is Italian,