s own thoughts? Laugh if you want to laugh, cry if you want to cry, scold if you want to scold, get angry if you want to be angry, This kind of person lives this way)

(The grace of saving my life? No, there is also the righteous deed of supporting me in revenge, and the generous smile and action)
(Isn’t it said that the original intention must be smooth? But what is the original intention? What is desire? I want to be side by side with him, and I want to die together. Is this my original intention or desire?)
/(Am I going to live like this forever? Just endure it like this, keep a low profile, don’t take risks, don’t stand up for others, just live honestly and down-to-earth, just like those walking zombies) survive)
“If you really want to die,” Pei Jiao suddenly dropped the map and roared loudly.
(What am I doing! Stop it quickly! I shouldn’t be like this, I should be a tolerant, patient, careful person who lives! I want to really live!)
“If you are really going to die, what if I return the life-saving grace to you?!” Pei Jiao roared loudly. His eyes seemed to be red, but after shouting these words, he felt that his soul His obsession is so clear as never before, as if he is in a state of meditation all the time. He seems to be able to feel every standard energy in his body and his obsession!
After Pei Jiao finished shouting, he ignored the surprise and surprise of the others. Thunder and lightning flashed under his feet. In the next second, he had already flashed a hundred meters away, and then chased Gong Yeyu and others at an extremely fast speed in the direction where they left. , but he never looked back to look at the group of people behind him, the struggle for life on their faces, and the humble expressions like mortals!
He didn’t know how long he ran, but Pei Jiao finally saw Gong Yeyu and the other four people not far away. The four of them seemed to have seen him too, and all four of them showed surprised expressions.
Gong Yeyu said nothing. He patted Pei Jiao on the shoulder and then walked forward. As he walked, he said: “Is it stupid for you to die together? Sometimes you are stupid at heart. , but since we are already dead and no longer mortals, what’s the harm in sticking to our own stupidity? The old man once said to me, who just learned the sword, that the sword cuts the body and the heart cuts the soul. If the heart does not hesitate, Then the knife will not hesitate, so my heart has never hesitated!”
“This is my sword! My way! This is also the reason why I have become a true demon-level powerhouse!”
A true demon-level powerhouse? What is a true demon-level powerhouse? How to become a true demon-level powerhouse?
Pei Jiao has been thinking about this problem since he returned to China from the United States. He encountered the real demon-level skeleton in the fantasy land of the United States in the North and South battlefields. At that time, he could not even take a blow from the skeleton. Such a The extreme gap in strength makes him very eager to advance to the true demonic