rit to Her large wounds and internal organs were forcibly sealed. Slowly, Wang Juanjuan’s blood began to flow. Although her heart was pushed by external forces, Li Lian could feel that her vitality was slowly recovering.

Thinking about it, the physical fitness of human beings today has more than doubled or tripled compared to the peaceful period more than a year ago. In the past, such injuries would have been irreversible, but with today’s In terms of human physical fitness, as long as they can be rescued in time, there is a 70% to 80% chance of being rescued, especially if there is a person like Li Lian who has the power to control dust.
Li Lian was immediately overjoyed. He stood up with Wang Juanjuan in his arms and immediately ran to the expeditionary camp. Only there were sound medical facilities. But when he raised his head, he happened to see the camp not far away. The green dragon is still struggling slowly.
/Although the fighting spirit ball thrown by Li Lian just now was very weak, he cast it with the mentality of killing. Once the fighting spirit ball entered the green dragon’s body, it would immediately turn into countless sharp blades, which could almost cut the green dragon’s body. The internal organs were completely smashed into pieces. With such an attack, even a soul would have to dissipate or fall asleep directly. So when Li Lian saw that the green dragon was still alive, he was a little surprised. This western dragon The vitality of such a foreign race is too tenacious, right?
/Li Lian was not wrong this time. Among the hundreds of ancient tribes, the Giants and Celestials have always been famous for their strength and vitality. Their level of civilization is really not as good as that of the Elves. In terms of vitality alone, the Celestials are also famous for their strength and vitality. That is to say, the vitality of these Western dragons exceeds that of the giants. In addition to the fact that they will definitely die if their heads are cut off, even if their hearts are removed, the dragons can still live for dozens of minutes before dying. That is because their bodies The source of energy is not supplied entirely by the blood driven by the heart, but by an energy core called dragon crystal in their heads. The green dragon Li Lian is facing at this moment is a legendary dragon that ranks at the forefront of the dragon clan. One, its vitality is even more tenacious and terrifying. As long as it is given enough standard energy and soul obsession, its heart can even grow back.
Seeing this, a thought flashed through Li Lian’s mind. At this moment, he was too far away from the expeditionary camp. He was really afraid that something might happen to Wang Juanjuan when he ran there. But if he flew
Thinking of this, he hugged Wang Juanjuan and ran directly to the green dragon. The green dragon’s huge eyes were full of dragon blood and fear. It looked at the terrifying human being in front of it like a monster, and it wanted to scream once or twice. , but the fighting energy in its body has not comp