n those black ghosts to deal with ghosts. We are all soul bodies, so brute force is not important to us at all. What is important is energy. You idiot, you Do you think I am an ordinary living person?”

Pei Jiao sneered. He suddenly remembered the demon king-level bull head in Fengdu. The bull head seemed to have only brute force, but in fact it was brute force transformed from huge energy. It was different from the red ghost weapon. The brute force after manifestation is completely different. Speaking of which, his pressure at this moment is also the brute force transformed by burning standard energy. It has the same effect as the power of the demon king-level bull head.
“Then dissipate completely now!” Pei Jiao pressed the red ghost with one hand. Although he looked relaxed, in fact, the standard energy in his body was being consumed rapidly at a rate of three to four seconds. At this moment, his standard energy was already Very few, so he no longer hesitated. He raised the heroic gun blade in his other hand and aimed it at the head of the red ghost. He was ready to pierce it in the next second.
The red ghost gave up its struggle at this moment, and even the screaming stopped. It just made a sharp voice and muttered: “The dark, dark night! It is coming.”
With a hissing sound, the heroic gun blade had pierced into the head of the red ghost. The power of the heroic gun blade with 850 obsessions capacity was simply not something that this demon-level ghost could withstand. A burst of red light emitted. , the head of this red skull has been stabbed to pieces by the heroic gun blade!
After Pei Jiao stood up, he continued to wield the heroic spear blade. After a few blows, the red skeleton was completely chopped into pieces and dissipated. It was only at this moment that he looked at the other black ghosts, and these black ghosts were obviously They also had basic wisdom. When they saw that the red ghost was also struck and dissipated, they screamed and flew around. Pei Jiao might give them this opportunity to activate the little bit of thunder and lightning that had just been generated in his body. Using force, he moved it to his feet. In an instant, his speed increased by more than ten times, and he easily caught up with the black ghosts present. In just over ten seconds, all the ghosts present had been killed!
/It was only then that the jeep in the distance drove towards the battlefield, but Pei Jiao ignored the two people in the car at all. He flew straight to the place where the red ghost dissipated, absorbing the energy transformed by the red ghost. Standard Energy also bent down and took out a scimitar from the pit.
/“Can a devil-level ghost actually manifest a scimitar with a natural weapon of 120 capacities? And what do the words it said before mean? Black? Dark night?” Pei Jiao stood there. He was silently in a daze in the pothole. It was not until the jeep drove around him that he picked up the machete and walked towards the jeep.
The two people in the car were all happy, especially the young soldier. He