s don’t match your words.” Fuxi still kept laughing.

Pei Jiao tried hard to suppress the severe pain in his body. In fact, this pain did not come from the body. This was the lowest level of the sea of ??consciousness, the space where consciousness and mind, life and soul manifested. His pain was from memory. Missing
Yes, once you are injured in the battle here, the memory will be blurred or even disappear. In the battle with Fuxi just now, Pei Jiao’s initial vague memories of childhood have completely disappeared, and even some very important things have disappeared. They are all beginning to disappear, because this memory disappears starting from the most important or the warmest memory, so what on earth was that sentence just now?
Although Pei Jiao was thinking about this problem, the movement of his hand did not stop at all. Eight small runes appeared in his hand. They rotated, changed and condensed. Suddenly, a long handle appeared in his hand. Spear, as soon as this spear appeared, it was thrown towards Fuxi.
Fuxi just stretched out a hand casually, and with a slight shock, the entire spear immediately dispersed and disintegrated, turning into eight runes, which were floating in the palm of his hand. He said at the same time: “Can you It’s really interesting. It’s okay to use my skills to deal with me. After all, what you get is my inheritance. Not to mention you, but I want to tell you, no matter what, you use such skills. You can’t defeat me, even if we both use the same energy level.” As he spoke, the eight runes were divided into combinations. Suddenly, a spear appeared again, and the next second, the spear had pierced It hit Pei Jiao’s chest, and Pei Jiao’s whole body immediately dissipated.
“Can I be with you?”
“Until death”
/What is it, what is this sentence, think about it quickly, what have I forgotten, my most important thing, something that I cannot forget even if I die!
Gong Yeyu recovered from the dissipation. He held a knife in one hand and used it to stand on the ground. He was squatting on the ground and breathing heavily. Opposite him, a handsome man with sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes was leisurely. Ting walked towards him slowly.
“It’s useless, Gong Yeyu, you are just the reincarnation of my true soul, with the conscious personality generated by the mystery in the womb. As long as my true personality appears, you will become a memory and be absorbed, and then there will be no more Existence, this kind of thing is against my will after all, so I kept you to repay you and me for a period of karma, but I didn’t expect that you would be stubborn and stubborn,” the handsome man said coldly.
“I forgot a very important passage”
Gong Yeyu did not answer the question and said: “A very important sentence, what is it? I forgot a very important sentence, it is a sentence that I can trust with life and death.”
The handsome man frowned, and said calmly: “Really? That sentence should be your way, right? Even if you lose your memory, your soul, and your consciousness, even so, you ca