e most terrifying thing is the terrifying banshee who is on the verge of death. The moment before they die, they will fly into the crowd and let out a piercing howl, and everyone within one kilometer will die.

Those hating warriors are a shadow that is difficult to see clearly. Their strength is not strong, but their speed is frightening. Moreover, these hating warriors are refined from resentful souls and evil spirits, and they carry extremely powerful negative spiritual energy. , anyone who comes within thirty meters will lose their fighting spirit due to extreme fear.
The Hatred Warrior uses two black long swords, which are pure energy weapons composed of dark energy. They can penetrate armor and directly kill the inside.
Both kinds of undead demon servants kill people invisible, and they kill people efficiently and quickly.
/I don’t know how much time passed before Hel slowly woke up.
Hull sat up from the coffin, looked up and down, and saw that the clothes on his body were still spotless, not even a wrinkle added.
However, he could feel that his body was indeed very different from before. Even just sitting, he felt a little tired, and his arms seemed heavy when he raised them.
Hull doubted very much whether he would fall immediately if he received a slap.
Climbing out of the coffin, he kicked his legs and made a few movements. His body did not become sluggish, but his strength was much weaker. After he finished doing it, he was slightly panting.
Leaning on the coffin, he recalled the power in the illusion.
It was definitely worth it for him to exchange his physical strength for this kind of destructive power, but he had some doubts about whether he could reach that level.
Unknowingly, Hel raised his hand slightly, but nothing happened. This reminded Hel that he did not have any undead servants himself, nor did he have a magic tool to summon undead servants.
“You finally woke up.” After a period of space distortion, the figure of the Immortal King changed from illusory to real, and finally appeared in front of Hel. It could be seen from his expression that he was in a good mood: “To the ‘Lord of the Undead’ How do you feel about the power?”
“Very strong.” Hull squeezed his fist hard, but unfortunately his hand did not feel strong and powerful: “At the same time, it is also very fragile.” He sighed softly.
“Except for the guardians, magicians who specialize in a certain magic are all powerful but fragile. Therefore, in necromancy magic, there are many ways to convert fragile life forms into an undead state. The Immortal King is the ultimate among them. exist.
/“If you think your current appearance is too fragile, I can help you change it.” The Immortal King said both seriously and jokingly.
“Thank you for your kindness. I haven’t lived enough. One thing I have always wondered is, why are you the only immortal king? What about the others? They are all dead?”
Hel quickly changed the subject. He was really afraid of the Immortal King’s proposal.
“To be able to transform into the Immortal King, you mus