ao: “The next disaster on the other side will happen in three thousand years. If Master Hua doesn’t think about the other side, then I will help Master Dao Master and refine you to death here. If you think about the other side, then talk to them. We made a three-thousand-year agreement. Within three thousand years, we will not offend the heavens and we will not come to seek revenge. We will wait until the disaster on the other side has passed.”

The corners of Hua Dao Master’s eyes twitched, he raised his head and looked at him.
Tai looked directly into his eyes without any fear.
After a moment, Master Hua withdrew his gaze and said: “You want to rescue me, let me recover from my injuries, and prepare for the disaster three thousand years from now. Taiyi, you are really thinking about the other side, and you don’t have much selfishness.”
He snorted coldly: “But you don’t hesitate to threaten me for this, aren’t you afraid that you will suffer retribution when you break through and become a Taoist master?”
Taiyi said slowly: “Brother Tao, the overall situation is the most important thing. As for whether I can prove the Tao Master, that is a matter of the future.”
Master Hua exhaled a breath of turbidity and said: “Okay, you tell Emperor Xu and I agree to the three-part agreement. It is limited to three thousand years. After three thousand years, we will compete again and take revenge!”
Taiyi leaned forward and said, “Thank you so much, Brother Dao, for your help.”
He returned to find Emperor Xu and mentioned this matter. Emperor Xu smiled and said: “Three thousand years is naturally the best. There is a blood feud between Tianjing and Bianjing, and it is impossible to give up revenge just because of a Hua Dao Master. Bianjing wants to level Tianjing in three thousand years, and Tianjing also wants to rest and recuperate for three thousand years, and strive for To take revenge three thousand years later.”
“Thank you, fellow Taoist.”
So Emperor Xu led him to find Dao Master in the Heaven Realm. The two parties came to the place where Dao Master Hua was suppressed and made an oath of chaos.
Dao Master Tianjing released Master Hua Dao, but the innate spiritual treasures fixed in the mirror were not returned.
Master Hua did not ask for it, and said: “I hope that Master Dao will take good care of it. I will come to pick it up personally in three thousand years!”
Taoist Master Tianjing waved his hand and asked Taiyi to take him away.
Master Hua’s injuries were too serious, and it would be difficult for him to stay here for long nights and many dreams. Master Taiyi immediately went to look for Xu Ying, but Xu Ying was immersed in the void pattern and entered the void alone. Taiyi failed to find him, so he had to take the first step and take Master Hua out of the heaven.
He looked up and saw a young man in a yellow shirt with his hands behind his back in the void, looking at him with an old look.
/Xu Ying humbled himself and said with a smile: “The Taoist Master is in the void. Could it be that he is also practi