at ability do they have to fight against those gangsters? What’s wrong with them? Now But it’s a family being destroyed. Can’t you not see such a thing? Stop telling me what the hell is law. The so-called law is just a tool used by the superior to rule the inferior. It has been treated like a bitch by so many people. , but you want to build a chastity memorial for this bitch? Do you believe it or not, as long as I give the order, within ten minutes at most, your boss will obediently lead those gangsters and the deputy mayor’s family here, as well as those who are covering up Do you believe that none of the officials involved in this case can escape? Does your boss know how to deal with the law?”

Pei Jiao listened to Gong Yeyu’s remarks, and a burst of pride came out of his chest. He didn’t care about anything at the moment, but squatted in front of the middle-aged official and said: “The steps are given to each other. My family is broken now. My father is dead and my mother is dead.” He has become a vegetative state. I don’t even give my father a chance to escape from his sins. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I don’t believe that you will not die in the future. I am a high-level escaper and my strength will only get stronger and stronger. What about you? Yes? How many officials dare to pat their chests and say that they are escapees, high-level escapees? Even if you have natural weapons in stock to save yourself, will you continue to be in charge of the government at that time, or will you be a free soul under my command? Asylum? That’s what I said, I don’t want your steps! I’ll give you a step, give me all the relevant people, and then I will stay in the Chinese Soul Organization. If the word “no” comes out of your mouth, then don’t blame me in the future. I won’t give you face!”
“Perhaps we don’t have to wait until the electromagnetic wave accumulation is critical in three years. Before that, I will change the entire government. Do you want to try it?”
/As soon as he said these words, Pei Jiao felt as if he had exhaled a breath of turbid air from his chest. The feeling of smoothness and comfort was unprecedented. Suddenly, a strange suction force erupted from his body, and living people suddenly appeared in the void around him. The light point particles that can also be seen with the naked eye are all rushing towards Pei Jiao’s body. These light point particles come and go quickly. All the light point particles disappear in two or three seconds at most, and Pei Jiao Jiao just felt that his own obsession in his body seemed to be much stronger. Although the quantity had not changed, the quality had become stronger by more than several hundred percent. While he himself was still confused, Gong Yeyu next to him had a face full of unbearable surprise. The middle-aged official’s face turned pale again.
The restriction of power lies in balance. The reason why the government dared to suppress or freeze Pei Jiao from the beginning was because Pei Jiao was only a high-level escaper who had only been dea