shouted loudly from a distance, and his voice quickly reached him.

As domineering as ever!
In the eyes of that dragon, probably all the water tribes in the world should kneel down in front of him.
Jiao Li?
Wei Xiaobei was woken up with a slight scowl on his face.
For him, he was immersed in the ocean of knowledge, gradually deepening his understanding of the rules of light and heat.
/But suddenly, a voice woke him up, almost making him confused.
Such a guy undoubtedly made Wei Xiaobei very angry.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the Xuan Turtle Demon King and realized something was not good.
At this time, the Xuan Turtle Demon King seemed to be undergoing some mysterious changes.
To put it simply, the aura exuding from the Xuan Turtle Demon King proves that he will not be able to get out of his current state in a short period of time.
/This is probably the influence caused by the Dragon Turtle Fruit before.
Changes in bloodline.
Alas, Wei Xiaobei sighed, in this case, the only one who can fight is himself.
Wei Xiaobei moved his legs slightly and bounced off the solid rock. He shot into the sky like a cannonball and headed forward.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei rushing up from the back of the Xuan Turtle Demon King, the dragon was a little surprised.
After entering reality, this dragon probably understood what kind of world he had entered.
The humans here are very weak, and their physical strength is not even comparable to that of low-level shrimp soldiers, but they have some weird attack weapons, some of which are so powerful that they can even threaten themselves!
Maybe this was the power lent to him by the old turtle demon?
Jiao Li thought with some disdain, and then ordered a shark general to come out and kill the human.
It can be said that Jiao Li’s position in the East China Sea Dragon Palace is very embarrassing.
This is the weakest among the hybrid dragons.
As a result, his status is not even comparable to those of the Golden Crab Generals!
Only in this wonderful world can I feel what power is!
When he was in the East China Sea Dragon Palace, he couldn’t even command a whale commander, but now, he has tens of thousands of troops under his command! How majestic it is.
Of course, this is also Jiao Li’s luck. After all, after entering reality, the connection with the East China Sea Dragon Palace was interrupted, and these shrimp soldiers, crab generals, whale commanders, etc. had to rely on these dragons.
In any case, these dragons have some true dragon blood in them.
After getting Jiao Li’s signal, a shark general carrying two giant Xuanhua axes stepped on the huge waves and rushed towards Wei Xiaobei.
The Shark General’s biological level is also an ordinary four-star, but when he is at sea, his strength increases invisibly.
Its combat effectiveness is no less than that of Jing Shuai! Even better than Whaleshuai in terms of flexibility and so on!
“Ant! Die!”
This shark general didn’t seem to like talking. After shouting loudly, he threw the Xuanhua giant ax in his right hand towards We