is thing that made Wei Xiaobei know that there was definitely something hiding there!

Otherwise, the stones on the roof of the building should be able to be sensed, right?
Undoubtedly, there is something invisible right there that blocks the electromagnetic field.
“court death!”
Wei Xiaobei turned around and shot an arrow!
At such a close distance, not to mention the thing that was hiding and afraid to see people, even Wei Xiaobei himself couldn’t escape from this arrow!
A dark sword light suddenly appeared in the air. In the blink of an eye, the arrow and the sword light collided, causing a violent explosion.
Wei Xiaobei’s electromagnetic field was not retracted at all, and the surrounding space with a radius of 110 meters was monitored!
There is no doubt that although the opponent accurately hit the arrow with the light of his sword, the huge force attached to the arrow was not something that guy could bear.
In an instant, the opponent was blown away.
“Take your life!”
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t guarantee that this arrow would be able to kill the opponent, so he immediately kicked off his right leg and chased after him.
/Of course, although the roof of this small foreign-style building was made of cement and steel bars, it seemed that it could not withstand the power of Wei Xiaobei’s kick. Just after Wei Xiaobei chased after him, most of the place where he was standing suddenly collapsed. A large hole with a diameter of more than several meters was exposed.
Due to the tight time limit, Wei Xiaobei did not have time to transform the White Mist Dragon Bow into a large spear. After catching up with the opponent in one stride, he simply cut the string of the White Mist Dragon Bow towards the opponent!
Well, this enemy gave Wei Xiaobei the feeling that his body was not tough, and the bowstring easily cut the enemy in half!
Of course, the bowstring of the Baiwu Dragon Bow is not thick to begin with, but is very thin. Based on some common sense of physics, under the same force, the smaller the surface area of ??an object, the greater the pressure it will exert on other objects.
Wei Xiaobei’s strength is naturally not small. When condensed on the bow string, the pressure generated is so great that it may be able to cut even the best alloy.
In this way, it is not difficult to cut the opponent into two pieces.
But this invisible enemy is extremely tough!
That’s right, Wei Xiaobei clutched the wound on his right arm and gritted his teeth. When the guy was cut in half by the bowstring, he actually fought back. The gray sword light cut into Wei Xiaobei’s arm easily, and after cutting it off. After cutting several muscles, he even cut into less than half of Wei Xiaobei’s arm bone!
To be honest, it was not pleasant to be stabbed like this again when I had not fully recovered. I would not be able to fully recover for at least five hours.
/Especially the arm bones. As the real mercury continued to wash away, Wei Xiaobei’s bones became harder and harder, but it also brought some side effects, and the bone’s recove