ssness for Wei Xiaobei.

Initially, Wei Xiaobei wanted to contact Qi Si Yunv through Baita Mountain, but thinking about the attitude of the Xiangguan in Baita Mountain last time, Wei Xiaobei’s heart became cold.
People taking tea to cool down is not just a practical patent.
In Wei Xiaobei’s view, in this gray world, the tea from Baita Mountain cools down very quickly.
Of course, if the City God had no choice, Wei Xiaobei would have no choice but to go to Baita Mountain.
After hearing Wei Xiaobei’s request, the City God lowered his head and thought for a while, and then replied with a smile on his face: “It’s hard to say it’s difficult, but it’s easy to say it’s easy.”
As soon as he heard the words of the City God, Wei Xiaobei knew what the other party meant. Didn’t he just want some benefits?
“If you still have any difficulties, please ask the City God to speak up.”
Naturally, Wei Xiaobei would not have a roundabout conversation with the other party. Besides, the two parties had been in contact for a long time. The City God shouldn’t put forward too difficult conditions, right? ! !
“Okay! Mr. Wei, please be happy! Those angels have become more and more arrogant recently.”
The City God then began to complain to Wei Xiaobei, to the effect that those angels came to harass him when he had nothing to do, making it difficult for him to sleep well and not eat well.
Of course, the core requirement is to kill those angels!
As long as he can contact Qi Si Yu Nu, let alone kill those angels, even if the City God proposes something more difficult, Wei Xiaobei will have to grit his teeth and do it.
/No way, this is the value of monopoly!
After the two parties reached an agreement, the City God was busy contacting Qi Si Jade Girl, while Wei Xiaobei was led by several Yin soldiers and walked out of the city.
These Yin soldiers had probably heard of Wei Xiaobei’s reputation, and in addition to the instructions from the City God, they were extremely respectful to Wei Xiaobei.
The only shortcoming is that he talks less. Wei Xiaobei speaks only one sentence before answering.
“How many pairs of wings do those angels have?”
Wei Xiaobei naturally did not fight an unprepared battle, and the more he knew about the situation of those angels, the better.
“Reporting to Mr. Wei, those angels have one pair of wings, and some have two pairs of wings.”
The leader of the Yin soldiers heard Wei Xiaobei’s question and hurriedly turned around and replied.
Wei Xiaobei nodded, so to speak, the highest one was a four-winged angel, so he didn’t need to worry too much.
Of course, there may be more powerful angels, but they have not yet appeared.
Not long after leaving the city, the sounds of fighting were heard in the distance.
Wei Xiaobei looked up and saw a general wearing iron armor riding a war horse whose entire body was made of Yin energy, leading groups of Yin soldiers, fighting against hundreds of angels.
“That’s the new patrol envoy of our City God’s Temple.”
Seeing Wei Xiaobei’s eyes falling on the general, Yin Bing hurrie