dragon is somewhat special. In reality, only a few months have passed, but large rocks have once again condensed on the fire dragon’s body.

If Wei Xiaobei hadn’t known about it before, he probably wouldn’t have believed it was a fire dragon when he saw this mountain range.
When Wei Xiaobei was less than a kilometer away, two long snakes with six legs and two pairs of wings rushed down from the top of the mountain and rolled up a whirlwind towards Wei Xiaobei. Countless gravels were swept up by the whirlwind. , turned into a storm of sand and rolled towards Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei had seen this kind of long snake with legs and wings before, but it was when the bright scarab was fighting these monsters, so Wei Xiaobei did not dare to use attribute detection to check it at that time.
Now, Wei Xiaobei had nothing to worry about. As soon as he opened his eyes, his gaze swept across the two long snakes. The next moment, Wei Xiaobei had escaped the attack of the sand storm. He jumped up high and stretched out his hands. , and caught these two long snakes.
/Name: Fat mouth.
Race: Snake.
Gender: Male.
Age: 300 years old.
Biological level: Three-star elite.
Introduction: Feikou is one of the ancient strange beasts recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. It has six legs and four wings, and its body is light yellow. Legend has it that when people see it, there is a severe drought in the area.
Properties: (shielded)
Skills: Flying, Bite.
Special abilities: sand transformation, dragon energy, whirlwind.
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
Items held: (shielded)
/I have to say that this ancient beast is indeed extraordinary!
When Wei Xiaobei grasped these two fat mouths with both hands, he felt the water in his body leak out quickly along his hands!
not good! This is Feikou’s special ability to transform into desert!
Not only did these two fat mouths activate their ability to transform into sand, they even turned around and bit Wei Xiaobei’s arm!
This even speeds up the speed of the desertification ability to extract water!
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei felt as if all the strength in his body was being drained away along with the water, and he immediately understood.
However, it seems that I also have this ability?
At this time, Wei Xiaobei was attacked by the fat man’s sand-changing ability, but he remembered that he also had this sand-changing ability!
Desertification (Basic): After bathing in blood for many times, the water absorption of the skin changes. It can extract water from the host within a radius of one meter from the center, including but not limited to air and living things. The promotion of this ability requires bathing in the blood of monsters with higher biological levels.
Desertification starts!
Without any hesitation, Wei Xiaobei activated his desertification ability.
Suddenly the feeling of rapid loss of water in the body was relieved.
But it’s just relief.
There is no doubt that Wei Xiaobei’s desertification (basic) ability was only obtained after bathing i