Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

There is no need to describe too much the misery of those enthusiasts who ran for several kilometers and rushed to the front of the small western-style building.
Well, the improved Digger Pig is undoubtedly looking for death when it comes to challenging one-on-one enthusiasts.
But after their number reaches a certain level and their charging speed is increased to the extreme, enemies who face them will become a failure.
At least these fanatics can’t go head-to-head with the Digghogs.
With the continuous banging sound, you can clearly hear where the fanatic’s cup is.
After most of the fanatics were knocked away, they would face continuous collisions from the digger pigs. At the same time, the pair of fangs of the digger pigs were extremely lethal in such collisions.
Even the fanatic’s mental shield will be completely destroyed in at most two hits, and at the same time, the fangs will pierce into the fanatic’s body at an extremely high speed.
In short, after a charge wave from the digging pigs, only two guys on the edge of the fifty or so fanatics survived, and the dragon knight behind them only had time to launch a round of light, knocking out dozens of them. After the first digger pig blew up, he was also maimed or wrecked by the continuous collisions of the digger pigs.
In fact, this result is not surprising.
With high-end combat power like Wei Xiaobei’s, those fanatics whose biological level was only 2-star elites were originally the target of being crushed.
It has to be said that after facing Wei Xiaobei, the originally powerful Protoss Base fell into a dilemma.
Without moving, Wei Xiaobei fired arrows one after another. No matter how fast those probes built photon turrets, they could not match Wei Xiaobei’s destruction speed.
move? The fanatics and dragon knights dispatched before accounted for more than half of the base’s strength, but the entire army was still destroyed. Even if the remaining half is dispatched now, it may not be of any use.
For a moment, the protoss base was passively beaten by Wei Xiaobei’s arrows.
But after Wei Xiaobei destroyed more than ten photon turrets in a row, he felt a faint chill on his back for no reason, as if a sharp needle was pointed at his spine!
Wei Xiaobei was no stranger to this feeling.
Whenever there is danger from the back, some strange combination of circumstances will cause him to react like this.
But there is no movement behind?
The induction pulse swept around in a circle, but found nothing.
But the feeling of hair on my back became more and more intense.
“Electromagnetic field!”
It is better to believe that it exists than to believe that it does not exist!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t hesitate at all, and instantly spread the electromagnetic field in all directions.
/At this moment, the spreading electromagnetic field detected something strange less than ten meters behind him!
There, the electromagnetic field seems to have formed a hole, and nothing can be detected!
But it was the inability to detect th