part of the bark below had even been torn off.

Wei Xiaobei finally vented the desire in his heart. Even wearing a weight-bearing suit could not stop his power from exploding.
The weight of this weight-bearing suit usually has a big impact on Wei Xiaobei, but after Wei Xiaobei’s muscle attributes improved again, at least when his strength exploded, the weight of the weight-bearing suit was nothing.
At this time, due to the commotion that Wei Xiaobei made in the martial arts arena, the masters and brothers who were sitting in the indoor martial arts arena drinking tea were startled to come in.
After they inspected the broken human-shaped wooden pile and the big tree that was hit, Cheng Biwu looked at Wei Xiaobei with intense eyes.
What a martial arts wizard!
Previously, Cheng Biwu saw that Wei Xiaobei’s body was not very strong, and he was a little worried about his future development in martial arts. After all, Bajiquan also emphasized physical strength, but this time, he was not worried anymore.
Don’t think that martial arts doesn’t require strength.
In fact, any fighting and fighting skills require strength to support! It’s not just boxing that requires strength.
Especially Bajiquan, there are many powerful moves.
Take Iron Mountain Support as an example. If the strength is not enough, it will be a joke to use it.
It can be said that if a guy with natural supernatural power practices a national martial art such as Bajiquan, he will take advantage of it.
Cheng Biwu really felt a little emotional. Accepting Wei Xiaobei as his disciple would probably be considered a blessing in his life.
Although Wei Xiaobei’s current strength is still far behind his own, he has already surpassed his second disciple.
Cheng Biwu’s vision was true. Although Wei Xiaobei’s Bajiquan was only mastered, it was equivalent to the level of martial arts training for twelve years, but it was coupled with Wei Xiaobei’s muscles of 17.36! He can completely surpass Zhang Zhilong.
Even fighting against senior brother Liu Jiancheng might not be too bad.
However, Cheng Biwu’s excitement did not last long before he was startled by Wei Xiaobei’s painful groan.
Wei Xiaobei originally didn’t want to moan in pain in front of his master and senior brothers.
But after venting his excitement, Wei Xiaobei felt that the muscles in his body seemed to be strained. He accidentally sat on the ground with his buttocks, then stretched the injury, and inadvertently groaned in pain.
/“Junior brother, what’s wrong with you?”
/Although Cheng Sisi always bickers with Wei Xiaobei, when something happens to her junior brother, she is the one who worries the most.
After a few inquiries, Cheng Biwu concluded that Wei Xiaobei had a muscle strain.
Thinking about it, with such a rapid explosion, not to mention the big tree, the steel pipe in the human-shaped wooden pile was almost broken. It can be imagined that Wei Xiaobei used a lot of force.
It is common for martial arts practitioners to cause muscle strain due to improper exertion. If you have been practi