it can protect the heart and other vital parts.

After refining the weapon for a full month, Wei Xiaobei originally planned to refine something, but suddenly, Wei Xiaobei felt a throbbing in his heart, as if something important was about to happen.
/But Wei Xiaobei called everyone one by one, and there was nothing strange among the acquaintances he knew.
Even the core disciples who followed Huang Kun into the gray world for training did not have any accidents.
On the contrary, the sword he fired won unanimous praise from the core disciples.
Especially those core disciples who have entered the gray world cannot put down this sword.
You know, when they entered the gray world in the past, the most they could do was pick up a rotten iron rod or something from the ruins as a weapon. Compared with this refined sword, it was a world of difference.
This made Wei Xiaobei a little confused.
What went wrong?
After thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei gritted his teeth and simply activated his ability to move the universe slightly.
With the activation of the Micro-Motion Universe, one thousand evolution points were quickly consumed.
The next moment, a vague scene appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
Wei Xiaobei knew this process the last time he activated this ability.
This scene is actually composed of countless future scenes. To put it simply, this micro-motion has something to do with prediction.
To say that ghosts and ghosts that extend from the intuition attribute also fall within the scope of prediction, but ghosts and ghosts are extremely uncertain, and Wei Xiaobei does not know when this ability will be activated.
Of course, when one is about to encounter great danger, the devil will definitely activate.
As Wei Xiaobei focused on this scene, the scene gradually became slightly clearer.
The effect of Micro-Movement is that when judging things in the future, present, and past, the impact of minor details on the whole will be ignored, so that there is a greater chance of making correct judgments that go straight to the true heart of things! At the same time, it can slightly affect the fate of the thing itself!
And it is this process of judgment that begins to become clearer.
Soon, Wei Xiaobei discovered that there was a fire dragon in the scene, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky, and after a figure rushed out from behind the fire dragon, the scene faded.
Apart from this scene, nothing else is revealed.
Go straight to the heart of things!
As the scene slowly faded, Wei Xiaobei immediately understood that the sudden throbbing in his heart had something to do with Fire Dragon Ao Yan.
Judging from the scene, something might have happened to Ao Yan!
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have any thoughts on refining weapons. He called Huang Kun and threw some of the things he had just refined to Huang Kun. After a few words of instruction, he went back to the room. After closing the door, he took out The white wine was poured down.
As he regained consciousness and saw the dilapidated room, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t