ays been relatively equal is because of the space war that year. , the federal warships have achieved brilliant results.

Admiral Francis’s mission is not only to reinforce the Divine World, but also to show his powerful strength to the nobles of the Divine World and gain a favorable position for future cooperation.
The previous achievements were just a glorious past. After all, tens of millions of years have passed. The federal warships need to take the opportunity of this war to rebuild the glorious achievements of the past.
“Eight Thousand Kilometers is lost!” After a while, Admiral Francis said again.
At a distance of two thousand kilometers, the total number of Zerg lost one-fifth.
At this time, Admiral Francis had to be shocked by the power of Lord Arthur, but he remembered the billions of insect corpses on the guarding planet.
At this time, under the continuous attacks of the entire fleet’s main guns, they could only wipe out millions of Zerg.
If there were many existences like Lord Arthur in the divine world, the consequences would be terrible.
Fortunately, according to intelligence, Lord Arthur’s combat power has never been heard of in the divine world.
Coupled with Lord Arthur’s excellent attitude towards the Interstellar Federation, this reassured Admiral Francis.
In space, fifteen level five Zerg stopped 10,000 kilometers away. They did not participate in the attack, they just stayed in the sky and waited.
/The Zerg god level gave the order, and the stronger Zerg were coming, and the original plan to attack Tula Star as a priority was changed.
The characteristic of the Zerg is that once it has a foothold in a certain world, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the Zerg in that foothold.
Countless insect eggs and larvae can absorb various resources at any time under the resource-rich planet and transform them into adults of various levels. Unless the planet is destroyed, it will be difficult to completely clean out all the insect races.
But for the Zerg god-level commanding this attack, nothing is more important than the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’.
The Zerg’s attack target shifted to the Guardian Star. The Guardian Star was a planet with almost no resources, and its value was far inferior to that of Tula. However, behind the Guardian Star was the space of the Battle Star.
The Zerg can completely use the guardian star as a springboard to capture the battle star, and then use the resources of the battle star to launch an attack on the divine world or the interstellar federation.
Of course, these are all excuses thought up by the Zerg god-level, and everything is the reason for the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’.
If the God-level Zerg loses the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’, its strength will fall out of the god-level. At that time, its status in the Zerg will be reduced to ordinary. The Zerg without the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’ is just an ordinary Zerg.
The Zerg God-level is not ready to let other God-levels in the clan know, let alone the Queen Moth