uipment, Chaofan had the ability to kill the third-level Zerg, and could even threaten them. To the fourth level Zerg.

David led thirteen fifth-level Templar knights to evacuate the battlefield. Tens of thousands of small spaceships approached the battlefield and began cleaning the battlefield.
“I have seen the ‘Invincible Knight’ Lord Arthur!” When they returned to the Templars, all the Templars saluted David in space and said respectfully.
David smiled and returned the salute, followed by thirteen Templar knights behind him.
After fighting continuously for a day, although David did not show any signs of fatigue, the Templar Knights did not bother him. They just paid him a courtesy and asked him to return to the guard planet. The thirteen Templar Knights still stayed here, working with the Templar Knights. The knights waited together for new orders.
“Lord Arthur, can I talk to you?” Lord Ludwig caught up with David and asked.
David turned around strangely and saw Lord Ludwig and Lord Daryl chasing after him.
“Lord Ludwig, please speak!” David stopped flying and said with a smile.
“Has your swordsmanship exceeded the master level?” Lord Ludwig asked directly.
When asking this question, Lord Ludwig looked at David with eyes full of inquiry, and he was very much looking forward to David’s answer.
In fact, Lord Ludwig’s question was very rude. In the world of gods, unless they are very close friends or masters and disciples, the combat abilities of knights are kept secret.
Not to mention that this major breakthrough in strength is top secret to everyone.
David was also startled. He did not expect Lord Ludwig to ask this question.
“Lord Arthur, Lord Ludwig has no other ideas, he is just obsessed with swordsmanship!” Lord Daryl quickly explained for Lord Ludwig.
“Lord Ludwig, you are right. This war has given me some insights into swordsmanship. My swordsmanship has indeed improved to a higher level!” David replied with a smile.
David was no longer on the same level as these fifth-level Templars in terms of strength, so he did not feel any threat to the two lords’ inquiries and answered the questions based on his own ideas.
After receiving confirmation from David, both Lord Ludwig and Lord Daryl were breathing a little quickly.
“Lord Arthur, can you give me some guidance on my swordsmanship when you are free? You can make any conditions you want!” Lord Ludwig bowed and said.
He couldn’t blame Lord Ludwig for being reckless. David’s traces were too difficult to find. He missed the opportunity to meet David. He didn’t know when he wanted to meet David again.
Lord Ludwig does not belong to Speaker Gould’s power. In fact, the power he possesses competes with Speaker Gould’s power. This request is more abrupt than asking about David’s strength.
“When the war is over, you are welcome to be a guest on Garmis. As for the swordsmanship, we can discuss it with each other!” David did not refuse. This kind of insistence on a certain matter deserves his respect.
/“I will take all the swordsmanship books in my famil