through Wei Xiaobei’s feet where he had just jumped up, instantly blowing the air root into pieces.

Wei Xiaobei instantly found the sniper hiding in the dense branches and leaves of a mangrove tree!
There was a faint smoke coming from the muzzle.
Wei Xiaobei’s body was like lightning, his legs moved repeatedly on the air roots exposed in the mud, and he quickly rushed towards the sniper.
Boom boom boom boom!
Four shots in a row! The gun was aimed at Wei Xiaobei’s body.
Judging from Wei Xiaobei’s own feelings when facing this sniper, this sniper’s marksmanship has reached a very high level.
If it were him who was still a creature with a level of two-star terror or below, the guardian would have been shot. Every time he fired, he would take advantage of Wei Xiaobei’s bounce.
At this time, even if Wei Xiaobei wanted to change his posture, he could not completely dodge.
But in the eyes of the sniper, Wei Xiaobei waved his right hand gently in front of his chest, and the bullets that had been fired suddenly disappeared, and the bullet holes that were supposed to appear on his body did not appear at all.
This scene made the sniper’s eyes widen.
what on earth is it?
Although the sniper has seen many incredible things and people in the organization, there is really no one who can make bullets disappear with just a wave of his hand.
But he didn’t know that the reason why Wei Xiaobei was able to disappear the bullet was entirely because of the storage bag on his right hand. Of course, Wei Xiaobei could do this. If he were an ordinary person, It’s impossible to judge the ballistics at all, let alone open the storage bag and put the bullet in it.
Uh-huh! The sniper pulled out his self-defense pistol from his waist and prepared for a fight to the death.
But the next moment the sniper felt his vision go dark, and then the pistol was knocked off, someone grabbed his neck, and he lifted it up forcefully.
“Tell me everything you know!”
Wei Xiaobei focused his eyes on the sniper’s face and shouted sharply.
/The next moment, a stream of black blood flowed from the corner of the sniper’s mouth. Wei Xiaobei was startled and reached out to pry open his mouth. But it was too late. The sniper was already dead, with a broken denture in his mouth.
Wei Xiaobei reached out and wiped a little black blood, and a faint smell of bitter apricot came from the black blood.
Potassium cyanide!
The corners of Wei Xiaobei’s eyes contracted violently, it turned out to be potassium cyanide!
This sniper turned out to be a dead soldier. When he was caught by Wei Xiaobei, he bit into pieces the dentures containing potassium cyanide and committed suicide.
This shows how strictly this mysterious organization controls its subordinates!
But mysterious organizations like this are often very powerful!
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but frown. To be honest, facing this organization was really not something Wei Xiaobei wanted to do.
But things have reached this point. Even if Wei Xiaobei retreats, I’m afraid the organization won’t l