s hand!

Thinking about it, when the red bird saw the fire crow fleeing back, he wanted to take the opportunity to sneak attack Wei Xiaobei.
How could it have imagined that Wei Xiaobei’s erratic act would give him a timely warning, allowing Wei Xiaobei to catch Chi Ji, who was charging at high speed.
Of course, I am afraid that only Wei Xiaobei can do such a method.
Without warning, Wei Xiaobei would not have noticed the Red Pit’s sneak attack, and if Wei Xiaobei’s agility attribute was not high, it would have been impossible to catch the Red Pit.
The most important thing is that Wei Xiaobei has the special ability of primary fire immunity!
It is completely immune to the licking of flames below 600 degrees Celsius, and the fire damage below 1,500 degrees Celsius is reduced by 90%! A temperature above 1,500 degrees can be weakened by 50%!
If he didn’t have this special ability, I’m afraid that the moment Wei Xiaobei caught the Red Pit, his whole body would have been directly ignited by the opponent’s ability!
Even so, Wei Xiaobei’s left hand was severely burned by the flames coming out of Chi Ji’s body.
/Of course, to Wei Xiaobei, this was nothing.
Without any hesitation, Wei Xiaobei withdrew his left hand violently, and the struggling Chibi’s neck bone broke and died.
Following Chi Pi’s death, the flames on his body dissipated and were directly stored in Wei Xiaobei’s storage bracelet.
After putting the red sword away, Wei Xiaobei’s burned left hand quickly recovered. The burnt black skin continued to fall off, revealing the lighter skin underneath.
Well, this lighter-colored skin is the newly grown outer skin. In terms of toughness, it is naturally a little worse than the previous outer skin.
But this is nothing. In a few minutes at most, the new skin can restore 90% of the defense effect of the old skin.
Wei Xiaobei’s right hand immediately grabbed it out. The same feeling as before, another red bird was caught in Wei Xiaobei’s hand. It was not until Wei Xiaobei squeezed the red bird to death that the sound of breaking through the air came. , it can be seen that the speed of this red bird is indeed very fast, and it is unknown how many times it exceeds the speed of sound.
Fortunately, the Red Pit’s usual attack method is to rush into the enemy and light it on fire. Otherwise, with its speed, it would be too difficult for Wei Xiaobei to catch him.
After stuffing Chi Pi’s body into the storage bracelet, Wei Xiaobei smiled slightly with satisfaction.
This three-star ordinary red fern is an excellent cooking material.
It would be nice if there were more. Wei Xiaobei extended the induction pulse in an attempt to find more red scorpions that were sneaking up on him.
But during the rest of the journey, Wei Xiaobei didn’t see even a red bird.
Thinking about it, two red eagles hit the iron plate in a row. The remaining red eagles are not completely stupid. How can they continue to rush forward and die?
In response to Wei Xiaobei’s approach, the sleeping fire dragon made no move.
However, the fire