e big Bifang is using a strategy to cross Chencang secretly. As long as the little Bifang recovers and they attack from a pinch, Zhao Tong will be in danger.

Wei Xiaobei saw this scene, and he immediately looked at Zhao Yun.
Zhao Yun understood what he meant and couldn’t help but smile: “This kid has always been arrogant, so it’s just enough to dampen his spirit to avoid making big mistakes in the future.”
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat dripping from his heart.
Sanniang’s godson is nothing more than a feather duster at best, but this Zhao Yun godson actually sent his son directly into danger.
I have to say that Zhao Yun’s courage shocked Wei Xiaobei, but he also admired him immensely.
/And what happened next developed just as Wei Xiaobei expected.
Although Zhao Tong’s long bow quickly scarred the big Bifang, the little Bifang hiding in the sea of ??fire also recovered from his injuries and jumped up from the ground and soared into the sky.
Seeing this scene, Zhao Tong was a little shocked. He fired three arrows in a row, trying to kill Bifang who had just taken off.
But at this time, it was too late to think of killing Bi Fang. The big Bi Fang rushed down, spitting out a pillar of fire to block the arrow, and the little Bi Fang also spit out a pillar of fire, attacking from both directions.
At this time, Zhao Tong also knew that he could not defeat the two-sided attack. He clamped the white horse under his crotch with his legs, and the white horse neighed, then turned into a white light and rushed towards the valley.
“The boy’s escape speed is not slow.”
Zhao Yun was both relieved and a little dissatisfied when he saw his son escaping back.
Wei Xiaobei understood what Zhao Yun was thinking.
It can be seen from the battles that Zhao Yun has experienced that even if Zhao Yun is defeated, he retreats slowly and does not give the enemy a chance to pursue him. Therefore, every time Zhao Yun is defeated, the defeated troops who return are neatly organized and the losses are very small.
Although Zhao Tong knew how to adapt and ran away when he knew he couldn’t win, he ran wild. Fortunately, he escaped alone. If he led a large army, he would probably be a real soldier if he escaped like this. Defeated like a mountain falling.
Even if he escaped back to the camp, his father was the commander-in-chief, and according to the military orders of the Han Dynasty, he would probably end up beheading him and hanging the flagpole in public.
This is no joke.
In this way, Zhao Tong’s previous withdrawal of the army turned out to be a good move.
Of course, looking at the entire process, Zhao Tong made one mistake after another, and ultimately failed.
The two sides forced Zhao Tong to flee in embarrassment. Naturally, he refused to show mercy and pursued Zhao Tong with great strength. Pillars of fire chased Zhao Tong.
If this continues, Zhao Tong may be seriously injured and die even if he escapes back to the camp.
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei saw Zhao Yun moving. He did not run over quickly. Instead, h