t need to find its nest. It will definitely fly back, and the bird’s nest referred to here is Long Qian’s home.

Wei Renwu had no doubt that Long Qian would return home. Since Wei Renwu thought so, Yue Ming naturally believed it too.
Yue Ming drove the Maserati outside Long Qian’s independent villa and stood opposite the door of Long Qian’s home. He saw the bright lights in the villa from a distance, which confirmed that Wei Renwu’s view was correct and Long Qian was really at home.
/Since Long Qian was at home, it meant that Yue Ming had come to the right place. This time he was going to stay up all night keeping an eye on Long Qian and never let him go again.
Yue Ming flashed his skills and looked at the lights of the villa. He noticed the structure of the villa. The living room had been lit before. After a while, a very small room also lit up. It should be the toilet, and half of it was lit. An hour later, the toilet light was turned off, indicating that Long Qian had finished taking a bath.
Then, the lights in the living room were turned off, and a light came on in a room with the curtains drawn. However, after a few minutes, the lights went out, which meant that Long Qian fell asleep.
As soon as Long Qian fell asleep, Yue Ming was able to relax a little.
Bang bang bang, suddenly there was a knocking sound on Yue Ming’s car window, which startled Yue Ming. What was even more frightening was that someone outside the car window said: “Since you are here, why don’t you go in and sit down?”
22. Be open and honest
Yue Ming looked towards the car window with a horrified expression on his face. A horrifying long horse face appeared outside the car window. This long horse face was grinning at Yue Ming sinisterly.
Yue Ming was so frightened that his back went cold. Isn’t this the same Long Qian who was brought to sleep in the villa? Now it appears like a ghost outside his car window.
/Yue Ming was so frightened that his voice trembled: “You…you…you…aren’t you asleep?”
Long Qian, wearing a neat suit, stood up straight and said with a smile: “I was sleeping originally, but I found out that a guest was coming, so I came out to greet the distinguished guest.”
Yue Ming no longer dared to underestimate Long Qian. Long Qian was really an elusive person. His teleportation magic seemed to be available at any time, and he seemed to be everywhere.
Yue Ming swallowed his saliva and said with a guilty conscience: “Master Long, I’m sorry for disturbing your rest.”
Long Qian put away his smile and said: “I know you, you are Wei Renwu’s assistant, and I also know your purpose. I don’t think there is much point in hiding. Why don’t we be honest.”
Yue Ming didn’t expect that Long Qian would know him. You must know that Long Qian had never really met Yue Ming. Originally, Yue Ming wanted to pretend to be a fan of Long Qian to get through, but he didn’t want to be exposed immediately. Yue Ming had no choice. I could only bite the bullet and say: “Since Master Long already knows, I won’t hide anything. Yes, I am spying on