him, the huge white paper and the giant pen had stopped moving, and there was a fork in the road ahead. There seemed to be a large plate placed in the mouth.

Well, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t avoid this kind of weird existence. After thinking about it, he simply walked towards the wall. In short, leaving Cuihu University is the best way.
As a result, just as Wei Xiaobei crossed over from the top of the wall, the wall suddenly collapsed, and a deep pit appeared below. Wei Xiaobei did not even have a chance to dodge before he fell into it, leaving him disgraced and covered in mud. .
After this bad luck, Wei Xiaobei had no plans to move on.
/No way, at this time, I am plagued by bad luck. If I continue to check the situation of the fire dragon, I am afraid it will not be a good thing.
Not to mention other things, meeting a few red swans in the desert, or the fire dragon suddenly awakening in the past, haha, Wei Xiaobei imagined it in his mind. The picture was so beautiful that he didn’t dare to imagine it.
After leaving Cuihu University and entering a few hundred meters into the grassland, Wei Xiaobei lay down on the spot, silently thinking about leaving. As a feeling of dizziness came to his mind, his body gradually became transparent and disappeared into the air.
Opening his eyes, Wei Xiaobei came to the outdoor martial arts field after waking up. At this time, the frost on the ground had gradually melted. When Wei Xiaobei was about to ask Zhu Xinyi if anything was wrong, a crisp sound came. Bei’s eyes immediately fell on Huang Kun’s body wrapped in frost.
/Wei Xiaobei could feel that Huang Kun’s heart was beating faster.
Although Zhu Xinyi was not that sensitive, when she saw her master like this, she immediately understood that her junior brother was about to wake up.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but laugh.
Huang Kun knew he was hungry when he woke up, which proved that there was nothing serious wrong with his body. He was just sleeping for a long time. In addition, the frost all over the place was not just the power released by the ice elemental heart.
What’s more is the power leaked when the heart of ice element merges with Huang Kun’s body, and the consumption of this power is borne by Huang Kun himself.
To put it bluntly, this is similar to Wei Xiaobei’s state after the electric energy burst.
Wei Xiaobei then took out the remaining barbecue from the storage bag. These barbecues took up a lot of space in the storage bag and were much inferior to the dishes he would make later. However, Wei Xiaobei was more frugal. I simply couldn’t bear to throw it away.
This was the perfect time to feed Huang Kun to satisfy his hunger. After all, although this barbecue could not restore much physical strength, the nutrients contained in it were real.
Huang Kun ate more than thirty pieces of barbecue in one go. Even though each piece of barbecue only weighed half a catty, eating more than fifteen kilograms of barbecue in one go was quite scary.
At least Zhu Xinyi, who was helping to carry the water, was so shocked that she